Customized Laser Equipment Manufacturer
Focus on Cutting,Welding and Cleaning Laser Applications
Design,Manufacture,Customize Application,Caring Service
Compare with Traditional Electro Welding
Laser Welding is Kind of Visible Light, Less Uv Light
More Safe Welding Way
Co2 Laser Cutting Machine For Non-matel
Materials,Like Wood,Acrylic,Fabric,Plastic,etc
Max Range Cutting up to 2000×3000mm
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Metal Cutting
Mild Steel,Stainless Steel,Aluminum,etc
Max Range Cutting up to 2500×6000mm,Laser Power Up to 20000W
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MOZLASER Focus on Laser Applications in Welding and Cleaning, Laser Welding and Cleaning is the Kind of Applications of the Future. We Have Always Believed That Laser Welding and Laser Cleaning Will Replace the Traditional Methods. It is Faster, Cleaner, and More Environmentally Friendly. Mozlaser Was Founded in 2020 with a Young and Dynamic Team at Your Service, Our Belief is to Bring the Next Evolution to the Metal Fabrication Industry. MOZLASER Mainly Focus on the Development and Production of Two Categories of Products: Laser Welding Machines and Laser Cleaning Machines.

Choose Us, One Reason is Enough.

  • Free Test Onsite or Online Before Ordering
  • Service Sites All Around the World Provide Installation Service
  • Strong MOZ Team Makes All Orders Can Be Delivered within 3-5 Days
  • The Professional R&d Team Provides Customized Service
  • 500+ Users(growing) Accumulated a Huge Metal Industry Application Experience
  • Excellent After-sales Service Team Responds within 1 Hour and Gives Solutions within 6 Hours
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Our Products

1000W laser welding machine
Compact Design Handheld Laser Welding Machine with Wire Feeder and Water Cooling
2000W laser welding machine
High Power Handheld Laser Welding Machine 2000w 3000w High Laser Power Available
1000W automatic welding laser
Includes Two Categories, 4-axis Tabletop Laser Welding Machine and 6-axis Laser Welding Robot
200W Jewelry Laser Welder
Spot Welding Work Mainly for Two Main Products, Jewelry Welding and Advertising Metal Channel Letters Welding
200W pulsed laser welding machine
Pulsed Fiber Laser Cleaning Machines,include Backpack,trolley Case Design Type,100w-1000w Power Optional
laser rust removal machine
Specially Designed for Rust Removal,1000w-2000w Continuous Fiber Laser Power Available


Dr. Li, the Technical Leader of MOZLASER, is the Co-founder of the Laser Processing Centre at the University of Manchester, Uk.  His Technical Research and Experience in Laser Applications Has Been Applied to the Development and Commissioning of MOZ Products, Developed in Our Unique Double Protection Laser Welding Gun and 3d Laser Cleaning Head with 8 Cleaning Modes, Combined with Raycus Laser, the Leading Fiber Laser Source Manufacturer in China, Making Moz’s Laser Welders and Laser Cleaners Stable and Reliable, with All Equipment Available Via Computer Software to Monitor the Location of Faults.

Exclusive laser welding head double layers protection

What Are the Advantages of Our Laser Welding and Cleaning Machine?

MOZLASER Has the Core Technology, Not Only to Assemble the Components

  • Exclusive Patented Laser Welding Gun with Double Layers of Protective Windows
  • Lighter Weight Laser Welding Gun, Lower Than 400g,30% Lighter Than Competitors
  • Exclusive Water Cooling System Integrates to Laser Welding Gun, Hold the High Power and Thick Material Welding Like 3000w-4000w
  • Premium Laser Cleaning Gun Design and Cleaning Control System,8 Modes of 3d Cleaning
  • Physical Electricity Voltage Protection System, the Machine is Gonna Enter Sleep Mode when Your Electric Voltage is Up or Down at 10% Rates

Laser Welding Machine Application Industries

Laser Welding Machine Can Weld Common Metal Materials Like Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Aluminum Alloy, Brass, Copper,Etc. the Industry Involves Stainless Steel Kitchen Equipment, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Air Duct Hvac, Furniture Products, Advertising Decoration, Drainage Pipes, Anti-theft Doors and Windows, Steel Structure Products, Outdoor Fences, Outdoor Decorations, Metal Tableware, Etc.  Compared with Traditional Electro Welding, Argon Arc Welding, Secondary Welding, Laser Welding Speed is More Than Double Times, and the Welding Spots and Joints Are Smooth and Delicate Without Burrs . Especially the Operator Does Not Need to Be Experienced and Only Needs Simple Training to Start Their Works.

Outdoor fence
Handheld laser welding machines can be used in outdoor decorations, like to weld steel fences, steel gates, outdoor light, and stainless steel statues. etc
Air Duct HVAC
Moz has more than 50 local air duct manufacturing customers using our handheld welding machine, all say laser welding is speeding higher than traditional welding ways.
Metal doors and windows
Handheld laser welding machine has been widely used in anti-theft doors and windows manufacturing, sheet, pipe all working well
stainless steel kitchen equipment
laser welding is really the right way for stainless steel welding, laser power is adjustable so it can weld thin stainless steel even 0.1-0.3mm
metal furniture products
Smaller and smoother welding spot makes your product good outlook. Choosing the handheld laser welding machine is not only a fashion way , also makes your work more efficient.
A skilled electric welding worker is expensive, especially for the traditional metal fabrication industry,so what a good reason to choose a laser welding machine!
laser welding aluminum
Famous metal fabricator there bought a handheld laser welding machine for Aluminum welding.
Client from Israel
Their main job is outdoor kitchen pots and pans. Our compact laser welding machine makes their job easier.
200W laser cleaning machine
They bought our 200W nanosecond laser cleaning machine,this machine can clean precise stuff like mold,car engine,PCB board,etc will not harm the substrate
laser ruest removal machine
One of the biggest local distributor of sheet metal and tubes,the stacked raw materials always get rusted, and need to do rust removal treatment before selling.

Operation Friendly

My little Nephew is using the laser welding machine as a tool.

You Can’t Imagine How Easy to Use This Handheld Laser Welding Machine, A Fresh Guy Can Get to Be Skilled to Use After Several Hours of Training and Practice. Even Though a Kid, or the Aged, Can Use This Welding Laser or Cleaning Laser Well.

Compare to Traditional Electro Welding, the Laser is Not Only Good at Efficiency but Also Fabulous to Operate. One Experienced Welding Worker is Not Cheap, Right?

MOZ LASER is a China's High-Tech Enterprises

MOZLASER is Located in Guangzhou, the South Bay Area of China, with 1500+ Square Meters of 5s Clean Manufacturing Shop.

Fabulous Service Team Working for You:

R&D Department  6 People.  Responsible Person: Dr. Li

Pre-sales and Sales Service Department 15 People. Responsible Person: Mr.Carson

Production and Functional Departments  26 People. Responsible Person: Mr.chou

After-sales and Installation Support Department 8 People. Responsible Person: Mr.Lau

clean manufacturing shop

Manfacturer and Products Certificates

Third-party Certification. You Can Also Ask Us Whether You Need Some Special Certification or Test Report when Importing These Machines to Your Country.
SGS Factory certificate
Credible third-party testing authority certification
CE certificates
Under MD+LVD+EMC testing standard, applying on the most European markets
EN ISO 11553 Report
EN ISO 11553+EN 60825 test report, applying on some special market region like Turkey

Excellent Vaccum and Plywood Packing

Many Many of Our Machine Buyers Doubt That the Laser Equipment is Gonna Be Rusted Shipped by Sea. the Machines Are Gonna Experience 20+ Days of High Salinity and Humidity Environment on the Shipping Board. Will the Machine Rust when Received? for Sure Will Not.

Moz Laser Excellent Packing Team is Gonna Pack the Machine with Many Layers of Sponge, film, and Vacuum Film to Protect It. and Outside of the Package is Customs Approval Standard Wood Case.

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