Laser Rust Removal Gun and Laser Cleaning Gun Are One of the Core Components of Laser Rust Removal Machine and Laser Cleaning Machine

MOZLASER Have Our Own Laser Rust Removal Gun Appearance Design and Structure Development Team. They Have Updated the Appearance and Structure of Our Professional Laser Rust Removal Guns and Laser Cleaning Guns More Than Three Times in the Past 2 Years.
We Have a Large Volume of Local Customers Who Continuously Give Us Feedback on Various Structural Defects of Our Laser Rust Removal Guns and Laser Cleaning Guns, and Our Team Will Fix the Defects and Improve Them.
Laser Rust Removal Gun is Mainly Used in Our Laser Rust Removal Machines. The Laser Source Used in Laser Rust Removal Machines Is Continuous Fiber Lasers, Which Is Only for Laser Rust Removal Function Applications and Cannot Clean Other Precision Objects.
Laser Cleaning Guns is Mainly Equipped for Our Laser Cleaning Machines Which All Use Nanosecond Pulsed Fiber Laser Sources That Can Achieve Damage Free Cleaning and Can Be Applied to Various High-tech Industries, Such As High-Speed Rail Tracks, Aircraft Skins, Pcb Boards, Precision Molds, Etc.

What Models of Laser Rust Removal Guns and Laser Cleaning Guns Do We Have?

Model Clean-Q Laser Rust Removal Gun

This Laser Rust Removal Gun is Specially Developed for MOZLASER Laser Rust Removal Machine Series. It Has a Simple Structure with a Built-in Single Wobble Motor Simple Structure Means Stable, and Reliable. Because Laser Rust Remover All Use Continuous Fiber Laser with High Power and Heat, So It Has Built-in Water Cooling Module.

laser rust removal gun
Laser Cleaning Gun

Model Clean-S Laser Cleaning Gun

“S” Means Small and Light. The Third Generation of MOZLASER Air-cooling Laser Cleaning Gun is Equipped for Our Backpack Laser Cleaning Machines and Portable Laser Cleaning Machines. It Eliminates the Water-cooling Module and Compresses the Size. The Exclusive Air-cooled Module Allows the Laser Cleaning Head to Operate Stably in the 50w-200w Pulsed Laser Power Range.

Model Clean-M Laser Cleaning Gun

MOZLASER Clean-M Laser Cleaning Gun is Mainly Equipped with Our Medium Power Laser Cleaning Machine, Including 200w Laser Cleaning Machine and 300w Laser Cleaning Machine. There is No Mistake That for Pulsed Lasers 200w,300w is Considered Medium Power at This Moment. Compared to Low Power Pulsed Laser Source, Medium Pulsed Laser Power Heat Rise Requires Water Cooling Module.

laser cleaning head
laser rust removal gun 1000W

Model Clean-L Laser Cleaning Gun

Model Clean-L Laser Cleaning Gun is Our Design for MOZLASER High Power Pulsed Laser Cleaning Machine, High Power Laser Cleaning Machine Mainly Includes 500w Pulsed Laser Cleaning Machine and the 1000w Pulsed Laser Cleaning Machine. It Includes a Circulating Water Cooling Module That Allows the 1000w Pulsed Laser Cleaner to Work Continuously for 24 Hours.

Model Clean-Mix Laser Cleaning Gun

Clean-Mix is MOZLASER’s New Product, Mainly Matched with Our Latest Cleaning Equipment Mixed Laser CleaningMachine(Continuous and Pulsed Laser Mixed), Mixed Laser Cleaning Machine is Mainly for Thick and Large Area Rust and Paint Cleaning, Application Industries Such As Ship Body Cleaning, Whole Vehicle Fast Paint Removal, Etc.

Mixed Laser Cleaning Gun

Technical Parameters of MOZLASER Laser Rust Removal Gun and Laser Cleaning Guns

Laser Rust Removal Gun/Laser Cleaning Gun Technical Parameters
Model Number Clean-Q Clean-S Clean-M Clean-L Clean-Mix
Laser Type and Power Continuous Fiber Laser 1000W-3000W  Match Nanosecond Pulsed Laser 50-200W Nanosecond Pulsed Laser 200-300W Nanosecond Pulsed Laser 500-1000W Continuous Laser Mix Pulsed Laser
Collimation Focal Length 50mm 50mm 50mm 50mm 50mm
Focus Length 150mm 150mm 150mm 150mm 150mm
Max Air Pressure 15 Bar 15 Bar 15 Bar 15 Bar 15 Bar
Laser Width Adjustable Range 0-350mm 0-150mm 0-150mm 0-150mm 0-150mm
Laser Power Adjustable Range 10-100% 10-100% 10-100% 10-100% 10-100%
Applicable Laser Wavelength 1064±5nm 1064±5nm 1064±5nm 1064±5nm 1064±5nm
Laser Power Stabilization >95% >95% >95% >95% >95%
Laser Joint Type QBH QBH QBH QBH QBH
Cooling Way Water Cooling Air Cooling Water Cooling Water Cooling Water Cooling

If You Are a User of MOZLASER Laser Equipment and Would Like to Buy a Laser Rust Removal Gun or Laser Cleaning Gun As a Spare, You Can Use This Page to Learn About the Specific Parameters of Our Accessories.
If You Are a DIY Builder of Laser Rust Removers or Laser Cleaners and Would Like to Purchase Our Laser Heads to Install them to Your Diy Equipment, We Can Also Provide You with Basic Technical Support and Assistance.
Please Feel Free to Leave a Message on Our Website or Call Us Directly!laser rust removal gun

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