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500W Laser Channel Letter Welding Machine
500W High Laser Power,Both Fixed Laser Welding Head and Movable Welding Gun
  • 500W laser channel letter welding machine
  • 500W laser channel letter welding machine
  • 2HP Dual Temp Dual Circle Laser Chiller
  • 500W laser channel letter welding machine
  • Different Material Samples
  • 500W laser channel letter welding machine
  • 500W laser channel letter welding machine
  • 2HP Dual Temp Dual Circle Laser Chiller
  • 500W laser channel letter welding machine
  • Different Material Samples

500W Laser Channel Letter Welding Machine

Main Features Of  the 500w Laser Channel Letter Welding Machine

  • 2HP super cooling capacity industry water chiller
  • 500W Nd3+:YAG high power laser source
  • Customizable workbench,standard size is 1000×750mm
  • CCD synchronized HD camera,red light positioning system
Ceramic Cavity and Laser Crystal Rods

500W Power Nd:YAG Laser Source

The wavelength of YAG laser source is 1064nm, and various metal materials have a very high thermal energy conversion rate for laser absorption in this wavelength band, so YAG laser is especially suitable for processing metal materials like cutting, welding, and cleaning.

Laser channel letter welding machines using YAG lasers are theoretically maintenance-free, with consumables such as electricity, cooling water, protective lens and laser lamps costing on average around $4 per hour.


2HP Super Cooling Capacity Industry Water Chiller

With the update of technology and progress, YAG laser photoelectric conversion rate has increased a lot, but we still can not ignore, YAG laser is a major drawback is that the photoelectric conversion rate is not particularly high compared to CW LASERS, so when it works, there will be a lot of heat generated.

So MOZLASER equipped this laser channel letter welding machine with 2HP water chiller with automatic accuracy temperature control system to ensure the stability of the equipment work。


coolink Pro water chiller
8 inch display and CCD camera

HD 8-inch Monitoring Display

MOZLASER laser channel letter welding machine is equipped with an intelligent CCD monitoring camera and matched with a magnified focus function, synchronized to an 8-inch high-definition screen, allowing welders to monitor the welding position and real-time welding results in real time.

And the fixed welding head also integrated 360 ° shadowless light, will not block the view because of the shadow.

Movable Welding Head Available

Our team followed up with over 20 of our local customers and then determined that this removable welding gun was available as an option because some customers only use the fixed welding head, but others have specific welding needs and find this removable gun very useful.

So if you should consider whether this removable welding gun needs to be used, and if so, we will install two sets of laser paths to your machine.

double laser path option
500W laser channel letter welding machine  Parameter
Model MZ-500J
Wave Length 1065NM±5
Laser Power Nd:YAG 500W
MAX. Single Pulse Energy 150J
Pulse Width ≤20ms
Welding Depth 0.1-4mm
Beam Diameter 0.1-3.0mm(spot size adjustable)
Viewing System CCD Camera&Red Light
Cooling Method 2HP Water Chiller
Weld Beam ≤0.5mm
Power Supply 380V/50Hz
Total power 12KW
Working Area 100*75CM(Customizable)
Machine Size and Weight 145×80×110CM

500w Laser Channel Letter Welding Machine×1

2HP Water Chiller×1

Tools Box×1


(Spare Xenon lamp×1)

(Protective lens ×5)

(Locating rod×5)

2-year warranty for the entire machine except for consumables
Online service assistance always


500W channel letter welding machine video

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MOZLASER MZ-500J 500w High Power Laser Channel Letter Welding Machine

The most important feature of the MOZLASER metal channel letter welding machine is smaller heat affected zone and heat deformation,local heat treatment of metal characters is possible; complex-shaped parts and tiny characters can be processed without noise and pollution to the environment; ultra-thin positioning rod, no need to adjust the position of the light point even at the corners of the font. Due to the advanced processing method, it greatly improves the quality of existing metal letters.

Comparing to TIN welding ,Laser welding method is new green welding way for sure. It has smaller welding joints, environmental protection, in the degree of bonding firmness and the aesthetics of metal letters to achieve a good combination, as we all know TIN welding needs to use strong acid to treat the metal surface, but laser welding no need, also more in line with the concept of environmental protection in this century.

What kind of metal can be welded by this channel letter welding machine?

This machine is application for all kinds of channel letters welding, fine letter, mirror letter, sand steel letter, titanium letter, galvanized plate letter, aluminum profile three-dimensional letter, stainless steel mirror letter, stainless steel brushed letter, stainless steel spherical letter, stainless steel flat letter, stainless steel baked letter, stainless steel spray letter, stainless steel solid letter, stainless steel plating letter, stainless steel gold foil letter, fine metal letter, titanium flat letter, titanium spherical letter, fine titanium letter, flat copper letter, spherical letter bronze letters, bronze letters, bronze antique letters, titanium plate letters, iron baked letters (stainless steel belt, iron belt, low carbon steel belt, galvanized plate belt) and other advertising letters and various metal metal sign LED metal letter shell welding forming.

different welding material letters

What is the packing way of this machine and what is the size and weight for shipping ?

There are two plywood cases separetely


Total Gross Weight 450KGS

packing size and details

how is the welding speed of this laser channel letter welding machine?

According to MOZLASER labs data, laser channel letter welding machine’s speed can be 3-5 time faster than traditional tin welding.This relying on your worker’s skill and experience.


Is it possible to make a sample testing before putting order?

Obsolutely Yes,please contact our team for next step of sample testing.


About the machine shipment,can I get a door to door service?

Yes,MOZLASER has a team for shipping management,includes sea shipping,airshipping,and duties,local trucks ,everything.



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