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MOZ LASER Portable 200W Laser Cleaning Machine
A Laser Cleaning Machine That Can Be Carried to Everywhere Like a Trolley Case
  • 100W portable laser cleaning machine
  • 100W portable laser cleaning machine
  • 100W portable laser cleaning machine
  • 100W portable laser cleaning machine
  • 200W portable laser cleaning machine
  • 100W portable laser cleaning machine
  • 100W portable laser cleaning machine
  • 100W portable laser cleaning machine
  • 100W portable laser cleaning machine
  • 200W portable laser cleaning machine

MZ-200CP 200W Laser Cleaning Machine

Main Specifications of the 200W Laser Cleaning Machine

  • Reinforced universal wheels on the basis of 100W laser cleaning machine
  • 200W name brand pulsed laser source,wide range of pulse widths
  • 4th generation medium power laser cleaning head,weighing <1000g
  • Multi-threaded intelligent cleaning system with high definition LCD touch screen
200w laser cleaning machine dimensions detail

More Durable and Reinforced Gimbal Design

Compared with the portable 100W cleaner, the 200W cleaner has increased in size and weight. To increase the durability of the device, we reinforced the gimbal wheels and installed a bigger cooling fan for the 200W more powerful pulsed fiber laser source.

In addition, the door of this case is 270 ° opening and closing, when the case door is open will not affect the placement space.

China Top Brand of 200W Pulsed Fiber Laser Source

MOZLASER 200W laser cleaning machine use China sharp laser or the United States IPG, nanosecond pulsed fiber laser, pulsed fiber laser with high rating power, high peak power, 2-500ns a variety of pulse width optional, 20-2000kHz adjustable repetition frequency, continuous mode optional, pulse width can be modified online and other characteristics,ideal for metal surface marking, engraving, cleaning and other applications.

200W P200 air cooling pulsed laser source
4th generation medium power laser cleaning head

Principle of the Multmulti-function Laser Cleaning Head

The core principle of the laser cleaning head is to focus the laser beam from the pulse laser through the focus lens, and then use the focused peak energy to vaporizate instantaneously the organic layer or oxidation layer to achieve cleaning purposes.

The motor inside the laser cleaning head makes the focal laser to form different shapes, such as lines, circles, spirals, rectangles, squares, filled rectangles, etc.

Smart Laser Cleaning Operating System

This 200W laser cleaning machine uses a new generation of improved cleaning system, through the touch panel screen, the main board, the laser source three core components of information exchange, you can real-time adjustment of the laser output power, pulse width, laser frequency, scanning speed and other parameters. To cope with the different application scenarios such as rust removal, paint removal, oxide layer removal, etc.

Touching screen panel
Portable 200W Laser Cleaning Machine
Laser Power(Pulsed Laser) 200W
Model Number MZ-200CP
Laser Pulse Width 10-350NS
Laser Wave Length 1064um±5
Laser Fiber Cable Length 3M
Laser Power Adjustable Range 10-100%
Fiber Laser Beam Quality 1.8
Single Pulse Energy 1.5MJ
Pulse Laser Frequency 20-2000KHz
Power Supply 220V/50Hz
Cooling Way Air Cooling
Dimension/Weight 53.8*41.1*68.5CM/80kg

200W Laser Cleaning Machine Body×1


(200W Protective Lens ×5)

(200W Laser Protective Eyewear×1)


Warranty Time: 2-year warranty

Lifetime free technical support



200W portable laser cleaning machine video page

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MOZLASER MZ-200CP Portable 200W Laser Cleaning Machine

Compact 200W laser cleaning machine uses a nanosecond pulse laser source single pulse energy of 1.5MJ, coupled with extremely fast pulse frequency, cleaning efficiency is very fast, compared to continuous fiber machine laser 1000W, although the rated power is lower, but the peak power is stronger, and thermal efficiency control is more excellent will not continuously heat the substrate damage substrate. As our test, under specific cleaning scenarios the pulse laser 200W cleaning efficiency is higher.

What is the package size and weight of the portable 200W laser cleaning machine?

Plywood package dimensions: 98*68*64cm gross  weight:93kg

packing details for shipping

What are the consumables of this 200W laser cleaning machine?

Just power up the machine and replace the bad laser protection lens.


What is the maintenance period for this machine?

Theoretically, the whole machine is maintenance-free for life
Only need to replace the protective windows and keep the power supply

Protective lens

Do you have local service in my country?

We have partners in over 10 countries around the world, please call or email us ask if have local service available.


What is the lifespan of the 200W laser cleaning machine?

This depends on the life of the core component, the pulsed laser source. The theoretical life of the laser source is 5-8 years.

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