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MOZ LASER 500W Laser Cleaning Machine
500W High Power Nanosecond Pulsed Laser Source with Anti-Reflection Function,Suitable for Reflective Materials Clean
  • 500W laser cleaning machine
  • 500W laser cleaning machine
  • 500W laser cleaning machine
  • 500W laser cleaning machine
  • 500W laser cleaning machine
  • 500W laser cleaning machine
  • 500W laser cleaning machine
  • 500W laser cleaning machine

MZ-500PW 500W Laser Cleaning Machine

Main Features of the 500W Laser Cleaning Machine

  • 5oooW cooling volume of water cooling chiller double circle design
  • 500W name brand nanosecond laser source IPG or Raycus optional
  • 5th generation high power laser cleaning head with handheld and automatic 2 modes
  • Solid metal machine frame and 10 meters length of laser cleaning cable
500W pulsed laser source

500W Nanosecond Pulsed Fiber Laser Source

Nanosecond fiber pulse laser 500W is a very high power, compared to the common 200W, 300W pulse laser, its single pulse energy has a qualitative leap, making 500W laser cleaning machine cleaning capacity significantly improved, the laser is a single module design, has the advantage of compact size, can be well integrated into our cleaning machine body.
And the laser is a fiber laser type, using a fully sealed cavity and fiber laser cable transmission, no optical lens and other components do not require regular maintenance.

Simple and Intelligent Laser Cleaning Operation Interface

In order for you to learn to use this 5ooW laser cleaning machine better and faster, our developers have designed the most concise operation interface, fully visualized to adjust the laser power, pulse width, scan width and other cleaning parameters, multi-channel laser cleaning mainboard supports multi-parameter custom preservation. You can save your common-use cleaning parameters for the next time use.

500W laser cleaning machine panel
500W laser cleaning head

Laser Cleaning Head for High Laser Power Use

We developed a new generation of laser head for 500W and 1000W high power pulsed laser cleaning machine, compared to the previous generation, the volume and weight are reduced, and for the higher laser power we optimized the cooling module, so that it can better control the heat of continuous laser cleaning work. And it has gone through a long period of practical application testing.

Cleaning Solutions for The Tire Factory

By far, various molds cleaning is one of the largest fields of our laser cleaner applications. A local well-known brand tire manufacturer has been looking for a cleaning method to replace the traditional dry ice cleaning, the mold of the tire has very high requirements for precision, and the cleaning process should not damage the mold body. So MOZLASER provided him with a laser cleaning solution, the effect is very significant, and the next we will provide them with an automated cleaning robot for tire inner wall cleaning.

Tire manufacturer customer
Industrial 500W Laser Cleaning Machine
Laser Power(Pulsed Laser) 500W
Model Number MZ-500PW
Laser Pulse Width 130-160NS
Laser Wave Length 1064um±5
Laser Fiber Cable Length 10M
Laser Power Adjustable Range 10-100%
Fiber Laser Beam Quality <62.5㎡
Single Pulse Energy 30MJ
Pulse Laser Frequency 10-5oKHz
Power Supply 220V/50Hz
Cooling Way Water Cooling
Dimension/Weight 162*85*172CM/260kg

500W Laser Cleaning Machine Body×1


(500W Protective Lens ×5)

(500W Laser Protective Eyewear×1)


2 years warranty for the whole machine except consumables

Lifetime free technical support


500W laser cleaning machine video page

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MOZLASER MZ-500PW Industrial 500W Laser Cleaning Machine With 10Meters Cable

The MZ-500PW industry 500W laser cleaning machine has 500W nanosecond level rating laser power. It for rust, oxide layer, paint layer have high efficiency cleaning ability, according to our test data show that the efficiency of cleaning the common oxide layer on the metal substrate is about 14-15 ㎡/h, the efficiency of cleaning rust on carbon steel is about 15-16 ㎡/h, if the efficiency of cleaning the paint layer depends on the thickness of the paint, if it is 100μm thick, the efficiency is about 2-3 ㎡/h, if it is 160μm thick, the efficiency is 1-2 ㎡/h.

Please leave message or call us, we can share you the cleaning efficiency data of different laser power cleaning machine.

What is the package dimensions and weight of this 500W laser cleaning machine?

Dimensions: 180*95*190CM/Gross  weight: 286kg   plywood package

packing details

What is the operating mode of this 500W laser cleaning machine? handheld mode only?

No,this machine has two operation ways,handheld and automatic

If wanna swich to automatic mode,just fix the cleaning head and switch the cleaning mode to scanning modes.



What is the delivery time of the MZ-500PW 500W laser cleaning machine?

Delivey time is 10 days


What payment ways do you accept?

Credit card

T/T payment

L/C at sight payment


Do you have door to door shipment service?

yes,we can provide door to door serive to more than 20 countries.

Please contact us for the details.

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