mold repair laser
YAG Mold Repair Laser , Laser Spot Welder, Mold Laser Welding Machine
It is Used for Repairing the Damage of Various Injection Molds, Die-casting Molds, Copper Alloy Molds, Aluminum Alloy Molds, Stamping Molds, and Other Metal Molds, and for Repairing the Mold's Corners and Spikes.
  • laser battery welder
  • laser battery welder
  • laser battery welder
  • Orbital Mold Welding Laser
  • Liftarm Mold Welding Laser
  • laser battery welder
  • laser battery welder
  • laser battery welder
  • Orbital Mold Welding Laser
  • Liftarm Mold Welding Laser

Mold Laser Welding Machine for Metal Molds Repairing

Mian Specifications of the Mold Repairing Laser

  • 300W 400W 500W Nd3+ YAG Laser Power Option
  • Specialized Observing System for Mold Repairing
  • Customized Laser Beam Path for Different Size Molds
  • Lower Thermal Effect for Perfect Mold Repairing
  • Provide Customized Solutions for Different Mold Repair
mold repair laser

Why Some Injection Molds, Casting Molds Need to Be Repaired by Mold Repair Laser?

  1. Sometimes Precision Molds Have Dimensional Deviations Due to Design Defects, Human Operation Errors and Other Reasons During Processing. It Needs to Be Repaired by Adding a Certain Amount of Weld Stacking through Mold Repair Laser.
  2. In the Injection Molding Process, the Continuous Movement of the Upper and Lower Molds Causes Partial Wear and Tear. Making It Must Be Repaired.
  3. Mold Manufacturers Need to Make Small Partical Modifications to Their Products in the Process of Production Need to Use the Mold Repair Laser. if the Mold is Reopened, the Cost is Large and the Cycle Time is Long. but Through Laser Welding Method, You Can Effectively Control the Production Cost and Improve the Efficiency.

What is the Advantages of Mold Repairing by Mold Laser Welding Machine?

1. Low Oxidation Rate, the Workpiece Will Not Be Discolored.
2. The Weld Joints Can Be Processed, Especially Suitable for Mold Repair with Polishing Requirements.
3. Small Heat Affected Area, Will Not Lead to Precision Mold Deformation.
4. Large Welding Depth, Solid Welding.
5. Full Melting, No Repair Marks Left.
6. No Depression at the Combination of the Raised Part of the Dissolving Pool and the Substrate.
7. No Air Holes or Trachoma After Welding.

mold laser welding machine
mold laser welding machine

The Main Principle of Laser Overlay Repair

Laser Overlay Welding Repair is Through High Power Laser Beam As a Heat Source to Melt the Filling Material to Fill the Defective Parts of the Mold. Because the Laser Energy 10-100% Precise Control and Extremely Small Laser Spot,the Mold Repair Laser for Precision Level Mold Welding Repair is Very Suitable.

Mold Laser Welding Machine Can Effectively Deal with the Welding and Repair Work of Some Tiny Broken Parts of the Mold, Commonly Such As: Various Mold Sand Holes, Chipped Corners, Cracks, Mold Flying Edge, Sealing Edge and Other Tiny Parts of the Repair, to Make Up for the Shortage of Traditional Welding Technology in Repairing the Welded Surface.

Some Core Configurations of the Mold Repair Laser

◆Adopt Advanced Ceramic Light Gathering Cavity, Corrosion Resistance, High-Temperature Resistance, Cavity Life (8-10) Years, and Xenon Lamp Life of More Than 8 Million Times.
◆Adopt an Automatic Shading System, Eliminating the Stimulation of Eyes During the Working Period.
◆10× Microscope Magnification, Cross Cursor Indication, and Automatic Shading with High-Speed Lcd Light Valve. the Protective Gas Output Synchronized with the Laser Ensures That the Solder Joint is Beautiful and the Solder Joint Will Not Be Oxidized and Discolored.
◆The Display Adopts 7-inch LED Screen, Which Can Realize Free Switching Between Chinese and English, Without Worrying About the Language Barrier.

mold repair laser
Mold Repair Laser-Mold Laser Welding Machine-Laser Spot Welding Machine
Model MZ-300M MZ-400M MZ-500M
Wave Length 1065NM±5 1065NM±5 1065NM±5
Laser Power Nd:YAG 300W Nd:YAG 400W Nd:YAG 500W
MAX. Single Pulse Energy 90J 100J 120J
Welding Depth 0.1-0.8mm 0.1-1.0mm 0.1-1.2mm
Beam Diameter 0.1-2.0mm(spot size adjustable) 0.1-2.0mm(spot size adjustable 0.1-2.0mm(spot size adjustable
Viewing System Microscope&CCD Camera Microscope&CCD Camera Microscope&CCD Camera
Pulse Width 0.1-20ms 0.1-20ms 0.1-20ms
Cooling Method Water Cooling Water Cooling Water Cooling
Weld Beam ≤0.5mm ≤0.6mm ≤0.5mm
Working Voltage 220V/50Hz 1P 220V/50Hz 1P 380V/50Hz 3P
Total power 12KW 14KW 16KW

Mold Laser Welding Machine×1

Industry Water Chiller×1

Tools Box×1


(Spare Xenon lamp×1)

(Protective lens ×5)


2 Years Warranty Except for Consumables

Lifetime Online Support Service Promise


mold repair laser video page

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MOZLASER M Series YAG Mold Laser Welding Machine,Mold Repair Laser

Mozlaser Laser Has Been Focusing on the Development of Laser Cleaning and Laser Welding Applications in Various Industries and Feedback from Customers on the Results of Their Use. Various Laser Welding and Laser Cleaning Products Are Replacing Traditional Welding and Cleaning Methods in the Market.

Mold Welding Repair and Cleaning Has Always Been an Industry That Mozlaser Focuses on and Already Has Large Mount of Customers. In the Past, the Mold Repair Usually Uses Argon Arc Welding, Electric Welding and Other Hot Welding Welding Machine to Repair the Mold. After Welding, It is Common to Collapse, Edge Biting, Annealing, Deformation, Etc., Thus Increasing the Workload and Affecting the Welding Effect and Mold Life. The Use of Mold Laser Welding Machine to Repair Mold Advantages Are Obvious, is Gradually Replacing the Traditional Repair Technology.

Our Molds Are Very Large and Cannot Be Put on the Table of the Mold Repair Laser, What Should We Do?

We Have Three Different Options for Light Paths and Workbenchs:

Option 1, Laser Head Fixed, Standard Workbench with Manual Movement Device,Suitable for Small Molds and Other Small Stuffs Welding.

Option 2, Laser Head with Orbital 200×200mm Movement, Standard Workbench with Manual Movement Device,Suitable for Medium Molds Reparing.

Option 3,Laser Head with Liftarm Movement can Move at Any Angle. Suitable for Large Molds Repairing Up to 2 Ton.

mold laser welding machine

What is the Warranty Period of Your Mold Repair Laser Machine?

We Provide 2-year Warranty for Whole Machine


Is This Machine Only Suitable for Repair Welding of Molds?

Of Course Not, It is a Multi-functional Machine That Can Also Be Used to Weld Jewelry, Metal Parts, Advertising Metal Letters, Etc.


Do You Provide Machine Installation Services?

If Your City Have Our Service Site, My Partner’s Team Will Provide Installation Service.

Or We Can Support Online and Provide Manual with and Installing Video Guide.



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