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Laser Cleaning Technology Has Been Widely Used in Automotive Engine Parts Cleaning, Such As Engine Combustion Chambers, Car Oil Jets, Etc.

Main Features of MOZLASER Engine Laser Cleaning Machine

1. Laser Cleaning Method in the Cleaning Engine Can Clean Different Types of Pollutants, Including Oil Sludge Layer, Oil Layer, High-temperature Oxidation Layer Can Be Removed at Once
2. Laser Cleaning Machine Pulse Power Can Be Precisely Controlled, According to the Thickness of Different Pollutants to Adjust the Different Laser Power to Meet the Cleaning Needs
3. Laser Cleaning Machine Without Special Maintenance, Plugged in at Any Time Can Be Used
4. MOZLASER Provides a Full Range of Service Guarantees and Long Warranty Service
5. We Have a Lot of Customer Application Experience, No Need to Worry About Laser Cleaning Technology Matching Problems, We Will Provide Professional Advice.

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Some Advantages of Laser Cleaning Machine in the Application of Cleaning Automotive Engines

(1) Generally Speaking, Car Engine Disassembly and Maintenance Cleaning Always Use Chemicals to Soake, and then Manually Wipe to Clean, Will Produce a Lot of Contaminated Liquid Needs to Be Secondary Treatment. but Laser Cleaning Engine is Dry Contactless Cleaning, No Doubt is the New Green Cleaning Method in the 21st Century.

(2) Chemicals and Manual Cleaning May Cause the Engine Block is Corroded. Pulsed Laser Cleaning Engine Will Not Produce Any Damage to the Engine, Because the Nanosecond Laser Beam Will Quickly Remove the Oil Layer and Oxidation Layer, and Will Not Transfer Any Heat to the Engine Body.

(3) Laser Engine Cleaning is More Flexible and Can Be Done at the Customer’s Site, or Outdoors. No Need to Carry out in a Professional Chemical Cleaning Room.

(4) Laser Cleaning Machine is Known for Its Higher Cleaning Efficiency. Laser Cleaning Engine Can Be Completed at Once to Remove All the Contaminants. in Comparison with Chemical Cleaning, Chemical Cleaning Requires a Layered Cleaning, and Even Take the High Temperature of the Oxidation Layer Can Not Do Anything.

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Mian Configurations of MOZLASER Laser Cleaning Machine for Engine Cleaning

  • 50W-1000W Raycus or IPG Pulsed Laser Source Optional
  • Galvo Cleaning Laser Head Desigend for Different Laser Power
  • Backpack,Portable,Normal Sizes Different Machine Dimensions
  • Manual Cleaning and Automatic Cleaning Two Cleaning Modes


Basic Processes for Laser Cleaning Engine

dirty car engine
Disassembling the Engine
Car Engines Are Full of Oil Dirty Layber and Carbon Base Due to Long-time Use
laser cleaning engine
Use MOZLASER Laser Cleaning Machine to Clean Engine Parts
Cleaning the Engine Parts Piece by Piece
laser cleaning engine piece by piece
Laser Spot Size Can Be Adjusted
Laser Spot Can Be Adjusted According to the Size of the Engine Parts to Clean All Gaps and Corners
Engine cleaned up
Complete Cleaning Up in One Time Wrorking
This is the Advantage of Laser Cleaning Engines, No Need for Secondary Reprocessing, or Layered Cleaning
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The Application of MOZLASER Cleaning Machine in the Field of Automotive Engine Cleaning and Refurbishment

Laser Cleaning Engine Does Not Seem to Be a Very Wide-ranging Application, and the Data Shows Many People in the Industry Still Insist on Using Traditional Chemical Methods to Clean Engines.
But We Are Sure That Laser Will Have Very Good Growth in This Industry. Because of the Technology Barrier Before the Laser Cleaning Equipment is Very Expensive, and Most People Do Not Understand the Laser Cleaning Technology and Related Applications. Now the Price of Laser Cleaning Machines is Back to Rationalization, and the Application Field is More and More Abundant.
I Believe That More and More People in the Automotive Repair Field Are Trying to Use Laser Technology to Improve Efficiency. It is Obvious That This is the Smart Choice.

How Long is the Service Life of Your Laser Cleaning Machine to Clean Engines?

The Key Components of the Machine is Laser Source. The theory Lifetime of the Laser Source is 100000 Hours.

So the Liftime of the Whole Machine is Up to 8-10 Years.

We Are Gonna Provide 2 Years Warranty for Whole Set Machine.

If I Confirm the Order Now, How Long the Laser Cleaning Machine Can Be Delivered to My Address?

We Can Guarantee That the Machine Can Be Installed and Commissioned within 15 Days and Packaged for Shipment.
Please Contact Us with the Detailed Address to Confirm the Exact Time of Arrival at Your Address.

What Laser Power Should I Choose if I Mainly Clean Car Engines?

Usually, the Oil Layer of the Engine is Not Very Thick.

We Generally Recommend 200-500w Medium Power Pulsed Laser Power.


How Often Does Laser Cleaning Machine Need to Be Maintained? Like, Replace Oil or Something?

Actually, Laser cleaner Are Maintenance-free for Life
If You Buy a Model with Water Cooling, Yo Need to Replace the Chiller Water Regularly
Occasionally, You Also Need to Replace the Laser Head Protection Lens.

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