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Stop Using Toxic and Polluting Paint Strippers to Remove Paint Anymore. Please Use Laser Paint Removal Machine, It's More Economical, Environmental Friendly, and Trendy!

One of MOZLASER's Car Repair and Restoration Customers Was Complaining About the Complexity of Removing Paint from Cars.

Their Store Manager Said That the Traditional Way of Removing Paint is Divided into Two Situations:
Small Areas Are Generally Sanded by Hand Which is Very Time Consuming and Dusty, and Many Workers Are Unwilling to Perform the Operation.
If the Car Paint Needs to Be Repaired on a Large Scale, the Paint Removal Process is More Complicated:

  1. The First Step is to Corrode the Old Paint on the Surface of the Car with Chemicals.
  2. The Second Step Requires Workers to Use Scrapers and Sanding Paper to Completely Remove the Old Paint from the Entire Car.
  3. The Last Step is to Spray and Bake the Paint on the Whole Car.
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Advantages of Laser Paint Removal Comparing to Traditional Removal Method

In the Global Background of Pursuing Green Environment, Laser Paint Removal is Inevitable to Replace the Traditional Physical Paint Removal and Chemical Paint Removal. Laser Paint Removal is a New High-tech Technology with Many Unique Advantages:
1) Laser Paint Removal is a Non-contact Cleaning Method That Does Not Require Any Consumables or Media and Will Not Damage the Sheet Metal Substrate.
2) The Waste of Laser Paint Removal is the Paint Residue and Vaporized Particles Vaporized by High Energy Laser, Which is Tiny in Size and Can Be Extracted by Extractor Fan Without Causing Air Pollution.
3) Laser Paint Removal Without Any Chemical Detergent, the Whole Process is Dry Cleaning, Will Not Produce Any Toxic Pollution Liquid.
4) Laser Power Can Be Adjusted to Suit Different Thickness of Paint Removal. If You Want to Clean the Paint Thicker Can Choose a Higher Laser Power.
5) The Laser Beam Can Reach a Very Wide Range of Locations. You Can Easily Scan and Clean the Smallest Crevices and Some Locations out of Reach of the Hand.
6)MOZLASER Laser Paint Removal Equipments Are Designed with Universal Wheels for Easy Carrying and Moving, Industrial Water Cooling Device Supports.
It Can Work Continuously for a Long Time Without Overheating and Can Work with Automation Devices.
7) MOZLASER Test Data Shows That the Efficiency of Laser Paint Removal is 2-3 Times Higher Than Traditional Physical and Chemical Paint Removal.

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To Clean the Thicker Multiple Painting Layers by Laser Paint Removal Machine

Mian Features of MOZLASER Laser Paint Removal Machine

  • 50W-1000W Pulsed Laser Power Optional
  • Paint Cleaning Can Be Done in Layers
  • Laser Power 10-100% Precise Control
  • Fully Automatic Cleaning Process
Car Paint Cleaning
For Complete Car Paint Removal During the Car Repair Process
sheet metal painting cleaning
Used All Kinds of Sheet Metal Paint Repair and Removal
Metallic Paint of Hardware
Cleaning of Various Metallic Paint and Electroplating
Cleaning Stainless Steel Cup Edge Paint Or Change the Paint Design
Painting graffiti on the wall
Remove Some City Graffiti That Needs to Be Removed
Removal of paint layers on wood
Removes Old Paint from Wood Without Harming the Wood Itself

Laser Paint Removal Vs. Traditional Physical Sanding and Chemical Removal

Hand Sanding to Remove the Paint
Hand Sanding to Remove the Paint
Hand Polishing is Very Laborious and Dusty and Harmful to the Human Body
laser paint removal
Laser Cleaning Machine to Removal Paint
Laser Cleaning Process is Clean and Non-polluting Suitable for Food-related Product Cleaning
chemical corrosion paint
Traditional Chemical Paint Removal
Traditional Chemical Paint Removal Uses Chemicals to Corrode the Paint, Its Heavy pollution
Laser Paint Removal
Laser Paint Removal for Trains and Subway
MOZLASER is Developing a Composite Cleaning System 2000w CW Laser +300w Pulsed Laser and Higher Power
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The Application and Development Direction of Laser Cleaning Technology in the Field of Paint Removal

Paint Removal Has Always Been a Headache in Many Industries, Such As the Automotive Repair Industry, Industrial Sheet Metal Paint Repair Industry, Aircraft Skin Paint Removal, Train Paint Refurbishment, and So On. The Traditional Way of Paint Removal is to Manually Polish Small Areas and Remove Large Areas with Chemical Corrosion and then Manually Remove Paint It is Very Low Efficiency and Also Has Air and Water Pollution. Laser Paint Removal is Gradually Replacing the Traditional Cleaning Method Because It is More Environmentally Friendly and More Efficient.

On the Other Hand, After Several Years of Development, Laser Cleaning is Developing to Compound Cleaning. For Some Thicker Paint Removal Applications, Low Power Pulsed Laser Cleaning Speed is Relatively Too Slow, and High Power Pulsed Laser Cost is Very High. MOZLASER is Developing Continuous Laser and Pulsed Laser Composite Cleaning Equipment. Common Power Combinations Are 2000W CW Laser + 300W Pulsed Laser and 4000W CW Laser + 500W Pulsed Laser.
This is a Great Improvement in the Efficiency of Cleaning Thicker Layers of Paint.

What Are the Consumables of the Laser Paint Removal Machine?

Electricity Consuption.

Protective Lens of the Laser Head

protective windows of the laser cleaning machiner

I Am Still Worried About the Reliability of Your Company.

We Are a Real Manufacturer of Laser Equipment, and We Offer at Least 2 Years for Our Paint Removal Laser Machine.
We Also Have Dealers All over the World. So if You Are Worried, You Can Buy from Our Dealers and They Can Provide Your Local Installation Service.

If I Buy Directly from You, How Do I Install the Laser Paint Removal Machine?

Yes,You Can Get Online Video Assistance for the Installation
We Will Also Provide Installation Videos and Manuals


If I Confirm My Order Now, How Long Will It Take to Deliver?

We Guarantee That the Equipment Will Be Shipped within 15 Days Once Get Your Deposit Payment.

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