Moz Laser Automatic Laser Welding Machine

Moz Laser has 4 axis automatic laser welding machine and 6 axis robotic automatic laser welding machine, programing in the computer,and combine with a fiber laser welding system. It was designed for a single product type in factory and mass production.

  • Programing in the computer and welding automatically
  • Fiber laser welding system
  • Moz Laser exclusive welding gun(Galvo Welding)

What are the advantages of Moz Laser automatic laser welding machine?

Compared to the handheld laser welding machine, the automatic laser welding machine is more suitable for factory mass production use. All programming in the computer, then weld your product piece by piece. This machine can save a lot of labor costs. And all welding standard is the same. Quality is easy to control. Main features of our automatic laser welding machine:

The 1000W-2000W CW fiber laser source optional

Independent water cooling system

Moz Laser exclusive patent welding gun

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Models Of Moz Laser Automatic Laser Welding Machine

1000W automatic laser welding machine 01

CW fiber laser 1000W, double wobbles galvo welding gun,four-axis automation welding, working area customized.

1500W automatic laser welding machine

CW 1500W fiber laser power,four-axis moving,galvo welding gun with protective gas system and CCD monitoring system

four axis automatic fiber laser welding machine with CCD camera

2000W CW fiber laser source, computer programing, galvo welding system with CCD camera and gas protective system combined

1000W laser welding robot

1000W fiber laser power, ABB or YASKAWA robot arm, combined with Moz Laser’s laser welding system

1500W Robotic Automatic Laser Welding

New laser welding application combined with the automation robot arm,1500W fiber laser power.

2000W Robotic Automatic Laser Welding

Highly customized automation product, suitable for fixed product mass production, Contact us for more details.

What Industries Can Use This Automatic Laser Welding Machine? (4)

Moz Guarantee

2-Years Warranty
2-Years Warranty

The whole machine two-years warranty, excluding consumables

within 24-hours response
Quick After-Sales Service

We guarantee to provide a solution within 24 hours in case the machine shut down

Parts Free
Parts Free

Within warranty time, we send replacement parts for free

On-Site Service
On-site Service

Within warranty time, our after-sales service team provides on-site service

The Newest Continuous Fiber Laser Source (CW)

Moz Laser automatic laser welding machine uses the newest CW fiber laser source. Compared with the YAG and Co2 laser source, the fiber laser generator has higher transmission efficiency and photoelectric conversion efficiency.

That means fiber laser is more economical in electricity. Through Moz Laser Lab’s data,YAG laser’s photoelectric conversion efficiency is about 3%, Co2 laser 10%, but fiber laser source can be 40% or above.

The fiber laser source
Programing on the computer

Programing On The Computer,Then Automatic Welding

All Moz Laser’s automatic laser welding machines are through 4-axis or 6-axis control of the welding gun.. And you can program it on the computer, and then then the welding head will follow your set path to weld the piece you wanna weld.

The automatic laser welding machine is a high customized product,it fits fixed single product and mass production conditions.

Double Wobble Galvo Laser Welding Gun

Follow the rhythm of the market! Original double protection lens, double booster blowing! Big button switch! Flashing protective lens burnout alert! Weight reduction of 150 grams! Fabulous

This laser welding gun makes Moz Laser’s handheld laser welder and automatic laser welding machine is unique on the market. Stable and long-time guarantee.

Laser Weding Gun

Moz Laser Promise All Orders Can Be Delivered Within 7 Days

Moz Laser Warehouse
Laser welding guns in Stock

All our automatic laser welding machines can be delivered within 7 days because Moz laser’s warehouse always has a fiber laser source and laser welding guns in stock.

We signed the cooperation agreement with laser source suppliers ,like IPG,Raycus,Max,JPT…etc. They will give priority to supplying to meet our production needs.  And we design and manufacture the laser welding gun by ourselves. And there are always more than 200 sets of laser welding guns in our warehouse.

What kind of user is recommended to buy this automatic laser welding machine or the welding robot?

Gas Shielded Welding

Why? Because this kind of automatic welding machine is highly comstomizied product. For exsample,for the laser welding robot we have to programing and customize the specialized table with unique clamps to match different products welding.


laser welding robot

You can get professional advice from MOZ LASER’S team before put order. So do not mind to send us a message,email or call us directly.

If you are near from us,then can visit us and make some samples testing. Our service team is alway here provide exclusive services for every of our client.



Some real scenes of Moz automatic Laser welding system testing

automatic laser welding ss

Moz Laser 4-axis automatic laser welding machine has a small table and rotary clamp to work with the moving welding gun,really useful for large quantities units welding.

Automatic laser welding machine for ss cutting

What means? This 4-axis automatic laser welding machine was designed for welding only. But now our engineer can use it for small and thin units cutting. It from the side shows the excellent spot and focus control of the Moz Laser welding gun.

accurate automation welding robot

“The robot pour a glass of wine for you” It just a play bettween our technician. But it shows the high accuracy of our laser welding robot. Moz Laser excellent automative technician make your welding jobs more easy.

laser welding robot

Laser welding robot need some customized holders or clamps to work with the welding head to achieve automatic welding. If wanna to know more about this ,contact us for more details.

Automatic laser welding system
Automated welding to replace traditional manual welding is irreversible

Starting in 2019, covid-19 sweeps the world, labor becomes more expensive under each country’s pandemic policy, and automated equipment and robots will not be infected. So it looks like we have to replace manpower with automated equipment and robots. That’s why MOZLASER has devoted these two years to the development of products for automatic welding machines and welding robots.

Automation laser welding,it’s kind of automatic welding way combine with modern laser application way.

Some Welding Samples from Our Clients

Welding Thickness(mm)-Molten Welding
Laser Power 1000W 1500W 2000W 3000W
Model Number Customized Customized Customized Customized
Stainless Steel 0.1-2 0.1-3 0.1-4 0.1-5
Carbon Steel 0.1-2 0.1-3 0.1-4 0.1-5
Galvanized 0.1-1.5 0.1-2 0.1-3 0.1-4
Aluminum 0.1-1.5 0.1-2 0.1-3 0.1-4
Brass / 0.1-1.5 0.1-2 0.1-3
Copper / 0.1-1.5 0.1-2 0.1-3


Automatic laser welding machine is kind of highly customized welding system,not like hanheld laser welding machine. So before put the order ,just call us or send email to communicate what we have and what your requirements. Thanks!

  • “We are a metal fabricator in Johor,Malaysia. Just bought 2 sets of laser welding machine from MOZLASER. Nothing to say,but the machines’ welding speed is amazing. It’s helpful to weld some thin units. “

    KV Chong
  • “We buy the laser welding machine for our HVAC ducts for our own factory in India. This machine is really born for duct welding—no need much skills requested for my workers. And almost double speed compared with the traditional welding method.”

    V.K Padmanabhan Metco
  • “우리는 제작을 위해 MOZLASER에서 레이저 기계를 구입했고 그들의 팀으로부터 훌륭한 서비스를 받았습니다. 이제 한국 시장에서 그들의 에이전트가 되는 것을 고려하고 있습니다.”

    Seon Kim
What kinds of material can be welded by the automatic laser welding machine?

stainless steel ,carbon steel ,mild steel ,galvanized steel ,aluminum,brass,copper,etc.Common metal materials all can be welded.

What is the laser power of the automatic laser welding machine?

All fiber laser,1000W-3000W laser power optional. Customized product ,contact us for more details.

What is the difference of 4 axis automatic laser welding machine and laser welding robot?

Four-axis automatic laser welding machine has a smaller working bench,suitable for smaller units.

Laser welding robot has bigger moving range and 6 axis moving,suitable for bigger and complicated units welding.

What is the laser type of automatic laser welding machine?

It’s fiber laser have more high photoelectric conversion efficiency and energy consumption performance.

Fiber laser:40%-45% photoelectric conversion efficiency.

Co2 laser: 10-15%% photoelectric conversion efficiency.

YAG Laser:3-5% photoelectric conversion efficiency.



What is your gurrantee of the automatic laser welding machine?

We provide 1-year warranty for the whole machine

And provide 2-years warranty for the laser source separately.

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