laser welding aluminum
Laser Welding Aluminum is One of the Fastest and Most Efficient Ways to Weld Aluminum and Alloy Materials

Some Features and Advantages of Laser Welding Aluminum

  • The Laser Beam Energy Can Be Precisely Controlled to Effectively Reach the Melting Temperature of Aluminum Material to Weld.
  • The High Energy Density of the Laser Beam and the Concentration of Energy Do Not Produce Particularly Large Thermal Effects on the Material Surrounding the Weld Joint.
  • Laser Welding Energy Output is Stable, Continuous Fiber Laser Can Continuously Provide a Stable Laser Energy Beam, with Automatic Wire Feeding Device. Laser Welding Speed, Efficiency is 2-3 Times Faster Than Traditional Welding Methods.
laser welding aluminum

Of Course, Laser Welding of Aluminum is Not 100% Perfect, and There Are Difficulties and Shortcomings, with Laser Welding of Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys

Although Laser Welding Has High Efficiency, High Speed, and Can Reduce Costs Significantly, Laser Welding Also Has Many Shortcomings, and Only when All These Shortcomings Are Clarified and Solved, Can the Laser Welding Aluminum Alloy Technology Be More Widely Used. So the MOZLASER Team is Working on This and Has Some Advice when Using Our Laser Welding Machines to Weld Aluminum.

  • Aluminum Material is Same with Brass, Copper Materials Are Also Highly Reflective Laser Materials, the Material Itself to the Laser Absorption Rate is Relatively Low. So if You Need to Weld Aluminum Materials, We Recommend purchasing of 2000w Laser Welding Machine or Even a 3000w Power Laser Welding Machine.
  • Aluminum Welding, Because of the Material Characteristics of Aluminum Itself is Soft, Melted Liquidity, Easy to Produce Porosity. There Are Two Kinds of Pores the First One, Mg Vapor, Refractory Oxide Film Involved in Causing Pores; the Second One, Hydrogen Pores. Therefore, We Recommend Cleaning the Material Surface Before Welding and Adjusting the Purity and Air Pressure of the Shielding Gas.
  • When Using Laser Welding Machine to Weld Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Materials, It is necessary to Increase the Temperature and Laser Energy Density to Achieve Fast Welding, Which Tends to Develop Special Cracks on the Surface of Aluminum Alloy, Thus Making the Bad Welding Result. In Order to Cope with Thermal Cracking, MOZLASER Team Has Figured out a Method to Deal with It, Which is to Use Filler Material in Laser Welding Process, and with Automatic Wire Feeder, It Will Avoid Cracks.
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Laser Welding Aluminum, Handheld Laser Welding Machine is Using on Customer Site

  • Laser Welding Aluminum with Wire Filling System
  • 2-3 Times Welding Speed Than Traditional Welding Way
  • Laser Source with High Anti-reflection Capability
  • Special Function 3-in-1 Laser Welding Gun
aluminum alloy fence laser welding
Aluminum Laser Welding in Outdoor Decoration Industry
aluminum e-car frame
Laser Welding Applied in Aluminum E-car Frame Industry
aluminum alloy indoor decoration
Aluminum Laser Welding in Indoor Decoration Industry
aluminum bicycle frame
Laser Welding Aluminum Bicycle Frame,Aluminum Alloy is Higher Strength
aluminum warehouse hardware
Laser Welding Aluminum Warehouse Hardware Like Storage Rack
aluminum computer and peripherals
Laser Welding is Widely Used in Computer and Peripherals Industries
aluminum doors and windows
Laser Welding Method Used in Aluminum Doors and Windows Welding
aluminum wall shelves
Laser Welding Aluminum Wall Shelves and Storage Rack
aluminum wall decoration
Laser Welding Aluminum Exterior Wall Decoration Materials
aluminum furniture welding
Laser Welding Way Used in Aluminum Framed Furniture Application
future aluminum technology design
Aluminum is Highly Moldable and is Used in Various High-tech Designs
photovltaic cells aluminum structure
Laser Welding Application in Photovltaic Cells Aluminum Frame Industry

Some Features of MOZLASER Laser Welding Machines

Adopting the leading international laser source brand
China Raycus or USA IPG Laser Sources
Adopting the Leading International Laser Source Brand,Damage and Error Locations Can Be Monitored
Accurately Laser Power Control
MOZLASER Laser Welding Control System
Accurately Laser Power Control,Parameter Matching for Welding of Materials with Different Thicknesses
Built-in dual temperature control water chiller
Built-in Dual Temperature Control Water Chiller
Adopting Dual Temperature Control Water Chiller, Separated Cooling for the Laser and Welding Laser Head
Voltage Stabilization Protection System
Visualized Voltage Stabilization Protection System
Visual Voltage System Can Check the Current Voltage at Any Time, if the Voltage is Too Low Machine Will Enter the Protection Program
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Aluminum Alloy and Aluminum Laser Welding Has a Promising Future

Laser Applications in the Metal Fabrication Industry Use High Energy Radiation on the Workpiece to Melt, Vaporize, and Etch the Material to Achieve Cutting, Welding, Surface Treatment and Other Processing Effects. The Largest Application Material for Laser Processing in the Past to the Present is Still Metal, and Although Other Types of Materials Are Being Developed, Metal Will Undoubtedly Remain the Main Part of Laser Processing for Some Time to Come. In Particular,Metal Welding Applications Will Replace Traditional Welding Methods on a Large Scale.

The Application of Laser Welding Aluminum, Compared with the Traditional Welding Process, It Has the Advantages of High Power Density, the Same Amount of Heat Input Depth of Melt, Small Heat-affected Zone, Small Welding Deformation, High Speed, and Easy to Combine with Industrial Automation.

With the Increase in Laser Power and Miniaturization of Laser Sources, Handheld Laser Welding Machine Flexibility Can Realize Outdoor and On-site Operation. Let Laser Welding Possible Used in Such As Aluminum Alloy Doors and Windows, Aluminum Alloy Curtain Wall, Large Building Ceiling Structure and Other On-site Operations. at the Same Time, the Laser Welding Equipment Purchase Cost Has Dropped Much Recently, Which is Applicable to Some Small and Medium-sized Enterprises or Some Processing Stores, So That the Laser Welding Aluminum Market Continues to Expand.

What Are the Consumables of Laser Welding Aluminum?

Electricity Consuption.

Aluminum Welding Wire   ( What is the Difference Between Laser Molten Welding and Laser Welding with Wire Feeder?)

Protective Lens of the Laser Head

Aluminum Welding Nozzles

laser welding aluminum consumables

What Kind of Assistant Gas Do I Need to Prepare for This Laser Welding Machine when laser Welding Aluminum?

After Our Testing, Using Argon Gas Can Better Reduce Porosity and Achieve the Best Welding Results.

If Want to Weld Aluminum or Aluminum Alloy, What Power Laser Welding Machine Do I Need to Choose?

Aluminum has the characteristics of reflective laser, lower energy absorption rate.

We recommend purchasing the 2000W or 3000W laser welding machine.


How Long is the Warranty for the Machine? How is the After-sales Service Supported?

Whole Machine 2 Years Warranty Except Consumables
If Your Address is in Our Service Area or Our Partner’s Service Area, We Are Gonna Send an Engineer for On-site Service.
If Not in Our Service Area, We Will Support You Online and Provide Installation Videos.

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