100W jewelry laser welder
100W YAG Portable Jewelry Laser Welder
Laser Spot Welding is the Fashionable Way Now a Day, to Weld Where Hands Can't Reach
  • 100W Jewelry Laser Welder
  • 100W Jewelry Laser Welder
  • 100W Jewelry Laser Welder
  • 100W Jewelry Laser Welder
  • 100W Jewelry Laser Welder
  • 100W Jewelry Laser Welder
  • 100W Jewelry Laser Welder
  • 100W Jewelry Laser Welder

MZ-100J 100W YAG Portable Jewelry Laser Welder

Main Features of MZ-100J 100W YAG Portable Jewelry Laser Welder

  • 100W power Nd:YAG Laser Source
  • 7 inch touch screen,english interface
  • Control panel with CCD camera all in one
  • Adopt 10× microscope viewing system
YAG laser cavity

100W power Nd:YAG Laser Source

MOZLASER 100w jewelry laser welder use top brand of Nd:YAG Laser system,with U.K imported ceramic focusing cavity that has corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant abilities.The ceramic focusing cavity’s service life is 8 to 10 years, and the service life of the xenon lamp is over 8 million times.

We are gonna send a spare xenon lamp for free as spare parts,make sure the jewelry laser welder can serve for long time.

Built-in Water Cooling System

The machine structure designer chosen built-in water chiller. This stainless steel water chiller has large flow pump for improved heat dissipation,and it’s easy to maintence. The most important is that it has a compact structure can be assembled into mini jewelry laser welder.

Good cooling performance can make sure your continuous working for 24 hours

built in water chiller
10× microscope

10× Microscope Viewing System

MOZLASER Jewelry laser welder has a 10× microscope viewing system, allowing you to precisely locate the welding position and see the welding result clearly

Also this system adopt the world’s leading automatic shading system to eliminate the light irritation to eyes during the operation.

Operation Friendly Control Panel

This jewelry laser welder uses a very simple machine panel,just by adjusting a simple 4 parameters,the energy, pulse width, frequency and light spot size to realize different welding effects. No need any computer all software to control.

And this panel has 4 languages for choice,Chinese, English, Arabic, Spanish.

panel setting
100W Jewelry Laser Welder  Parameter
Model  MZ-100J
Wave Length 1065NM±5
Laser Power Nd:YAG 100W
MAX. Single Pulse Energy 60J
Pulse Width ≤20ms
Welding Depth 0.1-1mm
Beam Diameter 0.1-3.0mm(spot size adjustable)
Viewing System Microscope&CCD
Cooling Method Built-in Water Chiller
Weld Beam ≤0.5mm
Power Supply 220V/50Hz
Total power 3KW
Machine Size and Weight 60X40X32CM/60KG

100W Jewelry Laser Welder Body×1

Tools Box×1


(Spare Xenon lamp×1)

(Protective lens ×5)

(Locating rod×5)

Whole machine 2 years warranty except consumables

Send free parts within warranty time

100W jewelry laser welder video

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Moz Laser MZ-100J 100W Portable YAG Jewelry Laser Welder

Laser spot welding is the application of high energy pulses to heat specific tiny areas of certain materials for fusion welding. It enables spot, butt, seam and seal welding. It has the advantages of high positioning accuracy, small laser spot and precise positioning.. The welding is firm, smooth, not deformed, easy to operate and convenient to use.

Jewelry laser welder is widely used in aerospace, sporting stuffs, golf heads,jewelry, medical equipment, titanium dentures, instruments, electronics, machinery, automobiles and other fields, especially for punching, spot welding, repairing, inlaying and welding claws of gold and silver jewelry.

What is the payment way if I wanna buy this jewelry laser welder?

T/T ,L/C at sight payment,credit card,D/P

Does your jewelry laser welder works with protective gas?

Yes, it equipped with gas protective device, you can use argon gas or nitrogen gas

but it’s not must be,protective gas can make the welding result more brightning,less oxygenation.

What is the consumable of this jewelry laser welder?

( Xenon lamp) 3,000,000 times lifetime

(Protective lens) No fixed lifetime,relying on your working situation,like humity,dust-free rate

Xenon lampProtective lens

What is your gurrantee policy for this jewelry laser welder?

Whole machine 2 years warranty except consumables

Send free parts within warranty time


What is the machine package for shipment?

Outside: Plywood Case

Inside: Foam and Film

package details

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