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MOZ LASER 300W Laser Cleaning Machine
300W Medium Power Nanosecond Pulsed Laser Source with 3.5KW Capacity Water Cooling System
  • 300W laser cleaning machine
  • 300W laser cleaning machine
  • 300W laser cleaning machine
  • 300W laser cleaning machine
  • 300W laser cleaning machine
  • 300W laser cleaning machine
  • 300W laser cleaning machine
  • 300W laser cleaning machine

MZ-300PW 300W Laser Cleaning Machine

Main Features of the 300W Laser Cleaning Machine

  • Industrial grade machine frame design solid structure piano level lacquer paint surface
  • 2300W medium power nanosecond pulsed laser with ultra-high peak power
  • The fifth generation of scanning laser cleaning head in the process of sequential update
  • 3.5KW cooling capacity water cooling system with dual temperature control
300W pulsed laser source

300W Nanosecond Fiber Pulsed Laser Source

MOZLASER 300W laser cleaning machine adopt the latest technology of nanosecond laser source that has fully sealed structure design, and lifelong maintenance-free, it also uses water-cooled design, with good stability, high single pulse energy (1.5mJ), high beam quality (≤ 1.6), a variety of pulse width options (130-140ns), repeat frequency (20-2000kHz).

It can be used for cleaning the top zinc layer, battery pole cleaning, positive and negative electrode sheet cleaning, etc. It is also ideal for industrial applications such as the fine processing of thin foils and coatings.

Exclusive Precise Laser Cleaning Control System

Our 300W laser cleaning machine uses precision laser cleaning control system, through the precise control of the pulse laser output power, repetition frequency, pulse width, and scanning speed and other parameters to accurately control the cleaning intensity and efficiency. After our laboratory test show that if you do not wanna hurt the substrate must be through the precise control of the laser pulse width, scanning speed to reduce the effect of laser thermal effects.The result shows that narrower pulse width and faster scanning speed on the substrate damage is minimal.

touching screen panel
300W medium power laser cleaning head

The Latest Fifth Generation Scanning Laser Cleaning Head

Now we are gradually to our medium power 300W laser cleaning machine to replace our 5th generation of laser cleaning head, compared to the 4th generation of laser cleaning head the structure is more compact, the total weight of only 650g reduced by about half,and the structural design has been strengthened, but still retains the fourth generation of laser cleaning head safety lock function.

Smart Laser Cleaning Operating System

MOZLASER 300W laser cleaning machine uses a industrial water chiller has a constant temperature mode and room temperature adapting mode with two temperature control mode, the temperature accuracy in ± 0.5 ℃, to protect the laser cleaning machine can be used in higher room temperature conditions, and the whole machine uses stainless steel cold water circulation pump, large flow, high head, low noise single, long life, the valve parts are also made of stainless steel, will not rust,pretty well for delaying the service life of the cold water tank.

multi circle water chiller
Industrial 300W Laser Cleaning Machine
Laser Power(Pulsed Laser) 300W
Model Number MZ-300PW
Laser Pulse Width 130-140NS
Laser Wave Length 1064um±5
Laser Fiber Cable Length 5/10M
Laser Power Adjustable Range 10-100%
Fiber Laser Beam Quality <1.6㎡
Single Pulse Energy 15MJ
Pulse Laser Frequency 20-2000(kHz)
Power Supply 220V/50Hz
Cooling Way Water Cooling
Dimension/Weight 108*71*117CM/146kg

300W Laser Cleaning Machine Body×1


(300W Protective Lens ×5)

(300W Laser Protective Eyewear×1)


Warranty Time: Whole machine 2 years warranty except for consumables

Lifetime free technical consultant available



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MOZLASER MZ-300PW Industrial 300W Laser Cleaning Machine Water Cooling

This 300W laser cleaning machine is an industrial grade product, mainly used for sheet metal rust removal, cleaning oxide layer, cleaning metal surface paint, lithium battery pole ear oxide layer, train track rust removal, aircraft cleaning paint, car engine cleaning carbon and oil, and other industrial grade applications. Compared with continuous laser rust machine, nanosecond pulse laser almost can do 0 damage to the substrate, I believe that in the future there will be more precision industries will use pulsed laser cleaner.

What is the package size and weight of the industrial 300W laser cleaning machine?

Plywood package dimensions: 120*86*145CM, Gross weight:160kg

packing details

Can I ship this 300W laser cleaning machine by air?

It can be loaded by air for sure,but please note we have to release therefrigerant inside the cold water tank first, the airline has a rule.


What are the consumables of this industry 300W laser cleaning machine?

Electric power
Protective windows (replace it when it’s demaged)
Industrial pure water(1 month to replace for the chiller)

Protective lens

What is your production time for this machine?

We promise to deliver the machine within 7 days.


What kind of payment does MOZLASER accept?
  1. Credit Card through Alibaba platform
  2. T/T 30% deposit payment,balance payment before shipment(after machine inspection)
  3. L/C at sight payment
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