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Welding Copper and Brass Has Always Been a Challenge in the Field of Metal Welding

Copper is Indeed One of the Most Difficult Materials to Weld

Some Difficulties in Welding Copper and Brass Materials by Traditional Welding Methods, Like Electro Welding,TIG Welding,Gas Shielded Welding.

  • It is the effect of high thermal conductivity, the thermal conductivity of copper is 7 to 11 times greater than that of carbon steel and stainless steel. Traditional welding methods and parameters make it difficult to melt the copper, and the filler metal and the base material do not fuse well.
  • The welded joint has a high tendency to thermal cracking. When welding, the copper in the molten pool and the impurities in it form a low melting point eutectic. It makes copper and copper alloys have significant thermal embrittlement and then thermal cracking.
  • Copper and Brass has a large coefficient of thermal expansion. The thermal expansion and contraction during the welding process is particularly obvious, so the deformation after welding is larger.
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What Are the Advantages of Laser Welding Copper and Brass?

Laser Welding Machines Use High Energy Laser Beams to Melt the Surface of the Material to Achieve the Purpose of Welding. when Laser Welding Copper Materials, Although the Very High Thermal Conductivity of Copper Materials, Makes the High-energy Laser Heat Diffuse Rapidly from the Welding Head, Increasing the Laser Power Can Solve This Problem. You Can Choose a MOZLASER Laser Welding Machine with Laser Power Up to 3000w.

In Addition, MOZLASER Wire Filling Welding Feature is a Great Way to Avoid Copper Heat Transfer Problems. As the High Energy Laser Beam Quickly Melts the Wire and Fills the Weld Joints. The Wire Filling Welding Feature is Also a Good Solution for Joining Copper to Other Materials.

Finally, the Wobble Welding Function of Our Laser Welding Machine is Very Helpful for Laser Welding Copper to Overcome the Difficulties Int the Copper Welding Process. Our Tests Have Shown That by Wobbling the Beam in a Highly Dynamic Manner, the Copper Welding Process is Very Stable. Thus Reducing or Avoiding Porosity and Spattering, and Ultimately Producing a High Quality Weld Result.

Video pages

Laser Welding Copper/brass to Combine Stainless Steel and Copper Together

  • Stainless Steel and Copper Joint Welding
  • Wire Filling Welding Mode(SS Welding Wire)
  • Wobble Welding Function
  • Real Case Practical Application
copper hot pot welding
Laser Welding Applications for Various Copper Tableware and Drinking Ware
Copper Channel letters Welding
Welding of Various Precious Metal Advertising Letters Copper Advertising Letters
Laser Welding Copper watering Can
Vintage Copper Metal Watering Can Welding
Laser Welding Copper flange and pipe welding
Welding Brass Flange, the Pipe Part is Another Material, Copper or Steel
laser welding Copper Moonshine Stills
Traditional Distillation Unit, Copper Moonshine Stills Welding
Laser Welding Brass Sword
Laser Welding Way Used in Stainless Steel Cooking Stuff Welding

What Do You Need to Pay Attention to when You Use Laser Welding Machine to Weld Copper or Brass?

2000W3000W IPG fiber laser source
We Highly Recommend choosing Higher Laser Power
Brass, Copper, Aluminum, Etc. Are Highly Reflective Materials That Require Higher Energy Laser Beam to Achieve Melting Temperature,Our Recommendation is 2000W or 3000W Laser Power.
Argon Gas for Copper Welding
Please Use Higher Purity Argon or Nitrogen Gas to Assist the Welding
When Laser Welding Copper the Main Role of Nitrogen As a Shielding Gas in Welding is to Block Oxygen from the Welding Process, Increase Weldability and Prevent Reoxidation.
Use Brass and Copper Wire to Assist Welding
Choose the Right Welding Wire to Weld with the Wire Filling Function
Wire Filling Function Can Reduce the Difficulty of Laser Welding Copper, Welding Wire Don't Touch Piece Before Melting,Avoiding the Temperature Decreases Quickly to Affect the Welding Result.
wobble laser welding
You Can Choose the Wobble Welding Function for Copper Laser Welding
To Set the Wobble Parameters of the Laser Welding Machine, the Laser Beam Will Be Highly Dynamic Wobbling Which Can Effectively Reduce or Avoid Porosity and Spattering, Resulting in a High-quality Weld Joint.
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There Are Some Reasons You Should to Choose MOZLASER’s Laser Welding Machine to Weld Copper/Brass

  1. Professional Team to Ensure Pre-sales Sample Test Services, After-sales Team Will Track the Use Status of the Customer’s Machine and Assist the Machine Parameters Debugging. Ensure That Customers Can Use Our Laser Welding Machine Well.
  2. We Have a Specialized Team to Follow Up and Test the Welding Parameters and Applications for Various Materials, Especially for Common Materials Like Laser Welding Copper, Laser Welding Brass, Laser Welding Aluminum, Etc. We Can Provide Detailed Parameter Settings Including Power, Gas Pressure, Laser Frequency, Etc.
  3. We Have Partners and Service Sites in More Than 10 Major Countries and Economic Zones Around the World to Assist in the Installation of Our Laser Welding Machines. if You Would Also Like to Know if There is Service at Your Address Please Contact Our Sales Team for Advice.
What Are the Consumables of Laser Welding Copper/Brass?

Electricity Consuption.

Brass or Copper Welding Wire If Needed

Protective Lens of the Laser Head

Welding Nozzles

consumables of the laser welding machine

I'm Still a Little Worried About Whether Your Laser Welding Machine Can Weld Copper Well

Our Suggestion is That You Contact Our Pre-sales Service Team for Sample Testing to Make Sure the Machine Can Weld Your Products Well.
Now We Have a Free Sample Test Service.
Please Message Us Now.

What Kind of Laser Powers Should I Choose for Laser Welding Copper/Brass?

Copper and Brass Are Highly Reflective Materials for Laser and Require Higher Power to Reach the Melting Threshold, So We Recommend 2000w or Higher Power.


What is the Assist Gas for Laser Welding Copper? What is the Required Gas Pressure?

Both Argon and Nitrogen Are Fine.

Air Pressure is Adjusted According to the Thickness of the Material.

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