150W jewelry laser welder
150W YAG Portable Jewelry Laser Welder
Very Fashionable and Very Practical Jewelry and Precious Metal Welding Tools
  • 150W jewelry laser welder
  • 150W jewelry laser welder
  • 150W jewelry laser welder
  • 150W jewelry laser welder
  • 150W jewelry laser welder
  • 150W jewelry laser welder
  • 150W jewelry laser welder
  • 150W jewelry laser welder

MZ-150J 150W YAG Portable Jewelry Laser Welder

Main Specifications of MZ-150J 150W YAG Jewelry Laser Welder

  • compact stainless steel structure water cooling system
  • 150W Nd:YAG laser source
  • 10× microscope and CCD camera viewing system
  • LCD touching control panel
YAG laser cavity

150W power Nd:YAG Laser Source

The desktop jewelry laser welder uses a ceramic cavity imported from the UK, which is both corrosion and high temperature resistant. The life span of this YAG cavity is 8-10 years.

To ensure the machine stability top brand xenon lamp and laser crystal are used.

Compact Fully-Sealed Water Chiller

Using 316 food-grade stainless steel water chiller, better control of the temperature of the YAG light source to protect the stability of continuous use of the jewelry laser welder.
Fully sealed design to better prevent water leakage and damage to the laser welding machine.

10× microscope viewing system

CCD Camera and Microscope Observation System

We matched this Jewelry laser welder with a 10x microscope and CCD camera observation system that allows for proper aiming and positioning when you welding.

This means that you can clearly see the metal pieces being welded and reduces the possibility of mistakes happening.

4 Languages Switch Touching Panel

Please send an email to our sales team call them to inform them your prefer interface language, we accept language customization for ease of use.

The parameters of this laser jewelry welding are very simple, only the energy, pulse width, frequency and light spot size need to be adjusted to adapt to different materials and welding thickness, depth and other practical requirements.

4 Languages Switch Touching Panel
150W Jewelry Laser Welder  Parameter
Model  MZ-150J
Wave Length 1065NM±5
Laser Power Nd:YAG 150W
MAX. Single Pulse Energy 80J
Pulse Width ≤20ms
Welding Depth 0.1-1.5mm
Beam Diameter 0.1-3.0mm(spot size adjustable)
Viewing System Microscope&CCD
Cooling Method Built-in Water Chiller
Weld Beam ≤0.5mm
Power Supply 220V/50Hz
Total power 4KW
Machine Size and Weight 80X50X60cm/68KG

150W Jewelry Laser Welder Body×1

Tools Box×1


(Spare Xenon lamp×1)

(Protective lens ×5)

(Locating rod×5)

Whole machine 2 years warranty except consumables

(Provide free parts to replace within warranty time)

Online support always


150W jewelry laser welder video

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Moz Laser MZ-150J 150W Portable YAG Jewelry Laser Welder

This jewelry laser welder is actually an in-depth application of laser spot welding machine, mainly used for welding base jewelry metals,gold silver karat gold, sterling silver, palladium, platinum,etc. It has super high level of welding accuracy and control. It has super high level of welding accuracy and control. The laser spot 0-3mm width adjustable, tiny spot can make laser welding more precise jewelry design.

But it can not only be used in jewelry welding and inlay, it can also be used in other high-precision product applications, such as cell phone camera precision parts, cell phone back cover components, aerospace precision instruments, denture teeth, automotive parts,etc

What is the difference of 100W,150W,200W jewelry laser welder?

The biggest difference is the pulse energy of the laser beam, which determines the welding width and depth of the laser welding machine.

Jewelry laser welder in Stock

What are the order procedules of this jewelry laser welder?
  1. Send inquiry(buyer)
  2. Negotiating
  3. Close deal
  4. Make payment
  5. Machine inspection(Video or third part)
  6. Shipment
  7. Install the machine
How do I handle shipping costs and import duties?

MOZLASER have professional shipment consulting team to support you to deal with the shipment and duties.


What is your package detail for the machine shipment?
  1. Inside packing by foam and film
  2. Outside fumigation-free plywood crates to protect everything well

package details

Where is your factory and what is the nearst port for this jewelry laser welder shipping?

MOZLASER is located in Guangzhou city

The nearest seaport is Huangpu or Shekou seaport

Air port is Guangzhou Baiyun internationl aiport


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