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GUANGZHOU MOZ LASER TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is a high-tech company located in Guangzhou, the core area of the Greater Bay Area in southern China, specializing in the newest application and development of laser technology.

It can be seen in the future, that laser cleaning and welding are new applications that is gonna instead of traditional welding mode and clean mode. You and us all are ready for this. MOZLASER has developed exclusive patented welding and cleaning guns after dozens of improvements and tests in response to market feedback. Laser cleaning and welding guns improve stability more than ten times compared to similar products in the market.

Now our laser welding equipment and cleaning equipment have been widely recognized by our clients from all over the world, used to replace traditional welding modes such as electric welding, argon arc welding, etc., laser cleaning machines are used in high-precision molds clean, circuit boards clean, cultural relics restoration, car paint clean and other industries also very popular.

Compared with our competitors, we focus on service and product lifetime testing and stability testing, making sure that our customers can get better pre-sales service, equipment use, and after-sales service experience.

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  • bring the machine to client's workshop
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Premium Pre-Sale Service

  • If your company is only within 50km away from our address or our agent’s address, our pre-sales technicians will bring our laser cleaning equipment or laser welding equipment to your working shop for testing. If our equipment can meet your needs then we go for price negotiation and follow commercial steps. All this is free.
  • It doesn’t matter if you are not within the scope of the service, we will understand your specific needs online, and then match our equipment models. The professional team will recommend suitable equipment for you, and then prepare the same or similar materials as yours for testing online and show you the testing process through video or online video call, and send samples to you. All this is also free.

Strict product structure design and factory testing

  • The exclusive patented double-layer protective windows design protects the focusing lens and laser source from the trouble of reflective laser beam during the welding and cleaning process, especially against highly laser reflective materials like aluminum, brass, etc
  • All equipment models have been tested for more than 24 hours of continuous light output before finalizing to ensure equipment stability.
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  • clean machine test
  • After-sales service
  • After-sales Service 2

Moz+ after-sales service

  • Provides a 2-year warranty period for all equipment, and all accessories are provided free of charge during the warranty period, except for consumables.
  • If there is a problem with the equipment, we promise to respond within one working day. If you are within the scope of service, we are gonna provide door-to-door service. If it is not within the scope of service, we are gonna respond online within one working day, and the professional team is ganna guide you online to solve after-sales problems. There is monitoring software that can quickly monitor and Find solutions to technical problems.

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