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MOZ LASER 50W/100W MINI Backpack Laser Cleaning Machine
Mini Machine Body with Built-in Battery Pack, Outdoor Cleaning Work for 4 Hours
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MZ-50MINI MZ-100MINI Backpack Laser Cleaning Machine

Main Features of the Backpack Laser Cleaning Machine

  • Super compact machine body,machine cross-section smaller than A3 paper
  • Laser cleaning head weight less than 650g, handheld friendly
  • Intelligent laser control board and panel, integrated 8 cleaning modes
  • Whole machine weight 50W 8kg,100W 12.5 Kg,easy to carry out
  • 1100W external battery pack is optional, support outside work for 4 hours
backpack design

Backpack-style Design

For outdoor cleaning work, aerial cleaning work and other special working conditions, MOZLASER developed a mini backpack laser cleaning machine, the back chassis strap buckle design, hanging on the strap can be carried like a schoolbag, freeing the user’s hands for cleaning head handheld operation, the whole machine weight only 8kg and 12.5kg. It’s easy be carried by a single person to operate

Raycus 50W/100W Pulsed Fiber Laser Source

Generally speaking we use Raycus pulsed lasers to give our cleaning machines a laser source, compared to continuous fiber lasers, pulsed lasers work at intervals, but he has extremely strong peak pulse power, ideal for laser cleaning applications for metal surface rust and oil removal, dirt cleaning mold surface cleaning items surface paint removal, paint removal stone surface adhesion removal welding surface, spray surface pretreatment.

50W 100W Raycus Pulsed laser Source
laser cleaning machine system and panel

Intelligent Laser Control Mainboard

MOZLASER backpack laser cleaning machine using highly intelligent laser control motherboard and panel, through intelligent signal interaction through accurate control of laser beam parameters to deal with different responses to different cleaning scenarios, such as laser power can be accurately controlled by 10-100% range.

Lightweight Laser Cleaning Head

For mini backpack laser welding machine specifically designed for lightweight laser cleaning head, the total weight of less than 650g, lighter than any of the cleaning laser head on the market, it is small but complete, by our test it can be used up to 300W pulse laser energy, without overheating, thanks to its unique air-cooled module design, can well reduce the heat from the focus parts of the head, to work stably.

Lightweight Laser Cleaning Head Design
MINI Backpack Laser Cleaning Machine
Laser Power(Pulsed Laser) 50W 100W
Model Number MZ-50MINI MZ-100MINI
Laser Pulse Width 100NS 100NS
Laser Wave Length 1064um±5 1064um±5
Laser Fiber Cable Length 3M 3M
Laser Power Adjustable Range 10-100% 10-100%
Fiber Laser Beam Quality 1.6 1.6
Single Pulse Energy 0.8MJ 1.1MJ
Pulse Laser Frequency 45KHz 45KHz
Power Supply AC 220V/50Hz AC 220V/50Hz
Cooling Way Air Cooling Air Cooling
Dimension/Weight 31.8*28.5*12.7cm/8kg 38*28*15.2cm/12.5kg

50W/100W Mini Laser Cleaning Machine Body×1

1100W battery pack×1 (Optional)


(Protective Lens ×5)

(Laser Protective Eyewear×1)


Whole machine 2 years warranty time

Online service life time



MZ-100MINI video page

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MOZLASER 50W/100W MINI Backpack Laser Cleaning Machine

The core of our design philosophy for this mini model is lightweight, miniaturized, portable, and air-cooled.We not only focus on the ultimate miniaturization of the backpack laser cleaner, we also focus on stability, because industrial products must have stability, its core point is temperature control.

  1. So on the one hand, we use all air-cooled compact pulsed laser source,and design a new air-cooled lightweight laser cleaning head, and backpack type appearance design
  2. On the other hand, our R&D engineering department focuses on the heat control of the laser cleaning head, and the final product is shaped with a unique air-cooling module that allows this tiny laser cleaning head to be used for even 300W pulsed laser cleaning.
What is the package size and weight of this backpack laser cleaning machine?

5oW package dimensions: 62X43X20cm weight:12kg

100W package dimensions: 62X43X20cm  weight:15kg

backpack laser cleaning machine packing details

What is price of this backpack laser cleaning machine?

Please call or send email to our sales team for further negotiation.


What is the different of 50W machine and 100W machine?

The rated laser power is different,100W has higher laser power.

In theory the 100w laser cleaner working efficiency is double of the 50W one

Can this backpack laser cleaing machine be shipped by air?

Yes, this laser cleaner has no water chiller, magnetic, oil and other harmful substances, so it can be transported by air.


Is this backpack laser cleaning machine complicated to install?

It’s plug and play no need extra wiring process, and we’ll provide video and online assistance to set up and test the laser cleaner parameters.

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