Acrylic cnc router
MOZLASER Customized High Precision and Speed CNC Router Machine for Advertisement Industry
2023 latest drive structure with dual servo motors and dual rack and pinion. Gantry type X-axis crossbeam is annealed to ensure rigidity and not easy to deform.
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  • CNC router machine
  • CNC router
  • CNC Router machine
  • CNC ROUTER Machines
  • CNC router
  • CNC router machine
  • CNC router
  • CNC Router machine
  • CNC ROUTER Machines

MOZLASER OEM factory "CR Series" CNC Router with Customizable Working Size

Mian Features of MOZLASER CNC Router Machine

  • Customizable ,The largest OEM factory in Guangzhou, can customize the working size of the machine up to 2000×3000mm. and customize your brand elements, including logo, color, etc.
  • High-Carve speed,High power dual servo motor, and up to 11kw power carving spindle.Ensure the X.Y axis running speed and also guarantee the speed of CNC carving work.
high precision milling process

Solidity and Stable Machine Base Structure for the CNC Router

MOZLASER CNC router adopts 150mm square tube material welded machine base, good steel, strong and durable, strong load-bearing capacity, machine load-bearing capacity can reach more than one ton.
To ensure the operation and engraving accuracy of the CNC router machine, we gantry mill the machine’s guide and rack installation surfaces twice. The first time is rough milling, then the second finish milling to mirrors level flatness.

High-precision Spiral Gear Row and Linear Guide Drive

Our engineers have creatively installed linear guide and other drive components on the structural surface of the CNC router machine bed, which has been gantry milled twice. The thickness of the structural surface is over 12mm.

Replace the traditional slow running speed of the stepper motor, the use of high-speed servo motor system with DIN6 level high precision gear rack, to ensure the operation and carving speed at the same time to protect the cnc router’s carving accuracy.

dual gear rack driving system
CNC router carving samples

Comparing to Laser Cutting/Engraving Machine, Why Do You Need a CNC Router Too?

Indeed laser cutting machine including flatbed laser cutter is very good at cutting thick acrylic board, plastic board and other materials for advertising industry. But it can’t do the deep carving work like CNC Router.  In addition, generally speaking the laser head is vertical to the sheet material, it is not possible to do slope type carving, design and cutting.

The CNC router runs and carves very fast. Its speed is guaranteed by the use of precision spiral gears, gear racks and high-speed servo motors. In addition, we also use the best dust-proof flange block in the market, which uses metal flange end caps to effectively prevent chips, dust and other intrusion and damage to the drive system.

CNC Router Machine

Machine Model MZ-1325CR/MZ-1530CR/MZ-2030CR
Working Area 1300×2500mm/1500×3000mm/2000×3000mm
Spindle Power 3.2KW/5.5KW/7.5KW/11KW
Max. Running Speed 60M/Min
Repeative Position Accuracy ±0.05mm
Transmission System Dual Gear Rack with Servo Motor
Spindle Cooling Way Air-cooling(water cooling optional)
Machine Voltage Ac 220V 50Hz/60Hz
Spindle Rotation Speed 0-24000rpm
Engraving Commands G Code*. U00*. mmg*. plt,nc.

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cnc router machine

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MOZLASER CNC Router Machines Having Powerful Functions, Friendly Operation Interface and Convenient Data Transfer and a Wide Range of Application Industries.

It adopts electromechanical full-optimal design and selects famous brand electrical parts, which will reduce the failure rate. Also it adopts high power spindle motor to ensure the machine can make vigorous cutting. Our CNC router’s software is well compatible with many kinds of CAD/CAM design and production software such as TYPE3, Artcam, Precision Carving JD, Wentai Engraving, UG, MasterCAM, PowerMill, etc. It has a circulating cooling system with controllable cooling flow, and it has functions such as break point, power-off renewal carving and processing.
MOZLASER CNC router is widely used in the following industries,
Woodworking industry: wood door, wood carving, root carving, wood screen, wood plaque, decorative wood carving, tea tray and tea table, wood house sculpture, etc.
Advertising industry: advertising signs, signs production, acrylic cutting, acrylic carving,plastic carving,etc. It can also work with our CO2 laser engraving machine, fiber laser cutting machine and advertising metal letter welding machine together.
Other industries: for example, aluminum and copper molds in the mold industry, acrylic carving in the craft industry, solid wood carving, etc.CNC router samples

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