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Laser Rust Removal is Replacing Traditional Physical Grinding, Chemical Pickling, and Sandblasting Methods.

What Are the Traditional Industrial Rust Removal Methods? What Are Their Disadvantages?

Manual Physical Rust Removal Method.
The Most Primitive Method of Rust Removal, in Which the Operator Removes Rust by Means of Tools Such As Abrasive Blades, Sandpaper and Wire Balls. in the Process of Rust Removal, Harmful Dust Will Be Generated, the Labor Conditions of the Workers Are Poor, and the Cleaning Cycle is Long and the Effect of Rust Removal is Poor, So It Has Gradually Faded out of the Stage of Industrial Rust Removal. Now Only Some Daily Family Rust Removal Will Use This Method.

Mechanical Physical Descaling Method.
Generally Refers to Sandblasting to Remove Rust. Sandblasting to Remove Rust is to Use the Pressure of Compressed Air Flowing at High Speed in the Duct to Make Artificial Abrasives Such As Silicon Carbide (sic) Impact the Rust Layer on the Metal Surface, Relying on the Mechanical Impact of the Abrasives to Peel off the Oxide and Rust Spots, Thus Achieving the Purpose of Rust Removal. Generally, It is Necessary to Spray Primer Immediately After Sandblasting to Remove Rust, Otherwise It is Easy to Produce Yellow Embroidery and Affect the Quality of Rust Removal. and It Also Requires a Lot of Manual Operation, and the Operation Process Will Produce a Lot of Silica Dust, Which Affects the Health of Rust Removal Workers.

Chemical Pickling Rust Removal Method
Chemical Pickling Rust Removal Hair is to Remove Rust by Immersing the Item to Be Removed in a Strong Pickling Solution and Removing Rust Through the Oxidation Reaction of Rust and Acid. This Method is Easy to Operate, but It is Corrosive to the Rust-removing Object and Has a Large Operation Volume. There is also a Way to Remove the Rust-removing Workpiece to Form a Circuit for Pickling, Which is a Large Workload and Has Secondary Installation Pollution.

Sandblasting for Rust Removal

Why is Laser Rust Removal Replacing Traditional Rust Removal Methods? What Are the Advantages of Laser Rust Remover?

Why Laser Rust Removal Can Replace Traditional Cleaning Methods?

On the One Hand, Traditional Rust Removal Methods Generally Require a Lot of Manual Labor and Complicated Work Processes, and They Are Harmful to Workers’ Health and the Cleaning Effect Cannot Be Guaranteed. Mars Laser Rust Removal Machine is Easy to Operate, with Both Manual and Automatic Modes.

On the Other Hand, the Progress of Technology Has Accelerated This Replacement. Previously, Laser Cleaning Machines Were Very Expensive Because Fiber Laser Generators Are Very Expensive, but with the Progress of Technology These Years, Laser Generator Prices Have Become Cheaper and Cheaper, Making Laser Rust Removal, a High-end Rust Removal Method, Available for Ordinary People to Buy and Use.

Finally, These Powerful Advantages of Laser Rust Removal Also Make It Logical Going to Replace Other Rust Removal Methods.

  1. Laser Rust Removal is a Green Cleaning Method. Laser Rust Removal is a High-power Laser Particle Scanning Rust Layer Without Any Cleaning Agent and Consumables Consumption, and the Waste Gas Particles Can Be Extracted by Vacuum Device, Which Will Not Pollute Water or Air.
  2. Laser Rust Removal is a Non-damaging Cleaning Method. Laser Rust Remover Does Not Need to Use Any Abrasive Media and Physical Abrasive Device, It is a Typical Contactless Dry Cleaning, and if a Nanosecond Pulsed Laser is Used, There is No Thermal Effect, It Will Not Heat or Damage the Substrate, and No Deformation Will Be Produced.
  3. Laser Rust Removal is a Low-cost Cleaning Method.  MOZLASER Laser Rust Remover Does Not Need Any Special Consumables Only Consumes Electricity, the Theoretical Life of the Laser is Up to 100000 Hours or More, 10 Years Benefit from One Investment, and the Cleaning Speed is 3-5 Times Faster Than the Traditional Way, and There is No Need for Secondary Cleaning and Wiping, Saving Time and Effort.
  4. Laser Rust Removal is a High-precision Rust Removal Method. Laser Rust Remover Can Not Only Remove the Rust Layer on the Surface of Various Materials but Also Does Not Use Any Chemicals and Physical Grinding Methods, Which Will Not Cause Damage to the Base Layer of the Material, to Remove Rust from Automobile Engines, Molds, Historical Relics and So On. and It Will Not Affect the Accuracy of the Original Material.
  5. Laser Rust Remover is a High-tech Cleaning Tool.  According to Einstein’s Photoelectric Theory, Laser, and Network Signal, Sunlight is a Kind of Ray Particle that Can Be Transmitted Through A Fiber Cable. Therefore, It Can Realize a Fully Automatic Cleaning Process by Cooperating with Robot Arm, Orbital Robot, Multi-axis Robot Arm, and Other Automatic Tools.
Pulsed laser rust remover

Nanosecond Pulsed Laser Rust Removal Machine Video

Nanosecond Pulse Rust Remover Can Not Only Remove Rust, but Also Clean Oxidation Layer, Clean Paint, Clean Historical Relics, and Even Various High-tech Engines, Etc.

Because the 3d Scanning Laser Cleaning Gun is Used, It Can Clean Not Only the Rust Stains on the Flat Surface but Also Curved and Sunken Areas, Etc.

What is the Difference Between Pulsed Laser Rust Remover and Continuous Laser Rust Remover?

Nanosecond Pulsed fiber laser source
Raycus Nanosecond Pulsed Laser Source
With a Nanosecond Light Output Frequency, The Laser Spot Does Not Produce Thermal Effects when in Contact with the Substrate, and the Wave Peak Energy is Huge.
Continuous Fiber Laser Source
Raycus Continuous Fiber Laser Source
The Continuous Fiber Laser Principle is to Continuously Generate Laser Light. So It May Heat the Substrate to Produce Thermal Effect Deformation.
nanosecond pulsed laser rust removal
Pulsed Laser Cost is Higher More Suitable for Precision Stuff
Pulsed Laser Rust Removal Machine is More Expensive and More Suitable for Precision Grade Products, Such As Automobile Engines, Precision Molds, High Speed Railway and Aircraft Parts, Etc.
continuous laser rust removal
Continuous Laser Rust Remover is Cheaper in Price.
Continuous Laser Rust removal Has a Higher Total Continuous Output Energy and Can Obtain a Wider Cleaning Laser Beam,So It is More Suitable for Large Areas of Raw Materials, Machine Lathes and Other Large Areas of Rust Removal.
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So How Do I Choose Between Pulsed Laser Rust Removal or Continuous Laser Rust Removal?

After Long-term Testing and Customer Feedback, Both Surface Pulse Laser Descaling and Continuous Laser Descaling Can Be Used Well in Industrial Laser Descaling, but They Have the Following Characteristics and Differences. Please Choose the Laser Descaling Machine According to Your Specific Application Field and Budget.
1. Pulsed Laser Source Are Many Times More Expensive Than Continuous Lasers Source So if You Are Simply Removing Rust from Some Metal Raw Materials, We Recommend Buying a Continuous Laser Rust Removal Machine, but if You Need to Clean Precise Objects, Such As Engines, Precision Molds, Etc., You Must Buy a Nanosecond Pulsed Laser Rust Removal.
2.There Are Many Manufacturers of Laser Descaling Machines in the Market, if Their Price is Very Low and They Tell You That Their Laser Type is Nanosecond Pulsed Laser, then Please Be Careful with Your Purchase. He May Sell You a Continuous Laser Instead of a Pulsed Laser.
3. Use Continuous Laser to Remove Rust Because Continuous Laser Energy May Heat and Slightly Damage the Substrate when It Touches the Substrate, So if You Are Removing Rust from High Precision Products, Please Make Sure to Buy a Pulsed Laser Descaling Machine.
4. The Very Big Advantage of Continuous Laser Descaling is That the Laser Beam Width Can Up to 350mm, and the Cleaning Efficiency is Very High. If You Are Cleaning Raw Materials or Machine Lathes, It is Highly Recommended to Use Continuous Laser Rust Removal, and Its Price is Also Very Competitive.


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