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3000W Laser Welding Machine
MZ-3000 High Power Handheld 3000w Laser Welding Machine with Independent Water Chiller
  • 3000W Laser Welding Machine
  • 3000W Laser Welding Machine
  • 3000W Laser Welding Machine
  • welding wire feeder
  • 3000W Laser Welding Machine
  • 3000W Laser Welding Machine
  • 3000W Laser Welding Machine
  • 3000W Laser Welding Machine
  • welding wire feeder
  • 3000W Laser Welding Machine

Handheld 3000W Laser Welding Machine with Wire Feeder and Independent Industrial Water Chiller

Main Configurations of the 3000w Laser Welding Machine

  • 3000W independent water chiller
  • Spiral cooling welding gun specialized for 3000W laser power
  • 3000W Raycus fiber laser source or IPG 3000W Laser source
  • Automatic welding wire feeder
3000W Raycus fiber laser source

3000W Raycus Fiber Laser Source

3000W laser power is really a high power in the laser welding application field. For this laser power stage ,Moz Laser uses Raycus or IPG brand of laser source. They are all World’s leaders in fiber laser source manufacturers.

Raycus and IPG laser source’s most advantage is that all errors can be monitored by software.  And at least 2 years of warranty for every set of laser sources.

3000W Power Water Cooling System

3000W laser welding machine’s power is up to 3000W. If use 3000W peak power to weld, there is huge heat from the laser source and laser welding gun.

So the independent water chiller with a dual cooling structure will be helpful and take the heat away.


3000W water chiller
3000W Laser Welding Machine

Automatic Welding Wire Feeder

Moz Laser customized welding wire feeder, can feed common 0.8,1,1.2mm diameter coil welding wire.

This machine’s working way can be switched from molten welding and wire feed welding.

3000W Laser Welding Machine  Parameter
Model MZ-3000
WaveLength 1070NM±5
Laser Power 3000W Fiber Laser
Cable Length Standard: 10 M
Work Way Continuously/Modulated
Speed Range 0~120 MM/S
Working Temperature 15~35°C
Working Humidity <70% Without condensation
Weld Thickness 0-8mm
Weld Beam ≤0.5mm
Working Voltage 380V/50hz
Total power 16KW

3000W Laser Welding Machine Body×1

3000W Water Chiller×1

Wire Feeder×1

Tools Box×1


(Nozzles × 10)

(Protective Lens ×10)

(Laser Eyewear×1)

(Wire Coil 1kg ×1)

2 years warranty

online service

free parts

use guide

10mm carbon steel welding

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MZ-3000 Handheld 3000W Laser Welding Machine

Moz Laser designed this machine for some heavy industries like steel structures, drain lines, building construction, etc. They all have thick metal welding requests.

Benefit from the advantages of the Moz Laser V1.6  intelligent control system, which makes this machine have a wider welding capacity, 0.1mm-16mm steel welding, just set the laser power and welding width.

  • 100W-3000W laser power-adjustable
  • Independent dual cooling system chiller
  • 2 years Long time guarantee time
What is the power supply of the handheld 3000W laser welding machine?

Three-phase AC 380V /50Hz

What is the size of this 3000W laser welding machine ? And packing size for shipment?

Machine dimensions: 114×65×130CM

Water Chiller: 77 X 55 X 103 cm

Package dimensions: 133×84×154CM

Chiller package: 84X 74 X 119 cm (L X W X H)


What is the 3000W laser welding machine's welding capacity?

Stainless Steel, Carbon steel

8mm (one side welding)

16mm(double side welding

Can the laser welding machine be loaded by air?

Yes, the handheld laser welding machine can be loaded by plane, but have to release the refrigerant in the chiller.

What is the price of Moz Laser 3000W laser welding machine?

We have to know where the machine is gonna be delivered, and other information.  So please leave a message beside to get a connection with our sales department.

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