MOZLASER Laser Cleaning Machine

Laser cleaning machine is another high-end application of laser technology development, compared to the traditional chemical cleaning, mechanical grinding, ultrasonic cleaning, dry ice cleaning Laser cleaning machine has the following characteristics.

  • Non-touch cleaning, No demage to the base material
  • Non-polluting, no need for any cleaning chemicals
  • High cleaning cleanliness and high speed efficiency
  • Requires only electricity, no other special consumables
  • Wide range of applications, metal and non-metal can be cleaned
  • Handheld operation, simple process,no experience required for operators

How Does the Laser Cleaning Machine Work?

Laser cleaning is the use of high-energy laser beam irradiates the surface of the workpiece to be cleaned, through vaporization, ablation, shock waves, thermal elasticity and other effects will be removed from the surface of the workpiece pollutants. The cleaning process without cleaning mediators, can avoid the traditional cleaning of serious substrate damage (particle cleaning), mediators residue (chemical cleaning) and other issues, the damage to the substrate to an acceptable range.

Laser cleaning machine principle diagram

how does the laser cleaning work

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The Machine Catagory

MZ-100MINI 100W backpack laser welding machine

Mini volume design,built-in 100W pulsed laser source and 1100W battery pack,you can take it to anywhere for working.

100W portable laser cleaning machine

Portable laser cleaning machine, with an air cooling system, light weight design whole volume is smaller than a 22″ luggage case.

200W portable laser cleaning machine

200W pulsed fiber laser power, 8 type of cleaning modes,reinforced the universal wheel on the basis of 100W.

300W pulsed laser welding machine

300W pulsed fiber laser power, industrial grade universal wheel,sturdy and easy for you to move around your workshop.

500W laser cleaning machine

Medium 500W pulsed fiber laser power,8 type of cleaning modes, excellent inset water cooling system.

1000W laser cleaning machine

1000W high power pulsed fiber laser , 1000W for CW laser is common,but pulsed laser it’s a such high power.

Laser Cleaning Applications (12)

Moz Guarantee

2-Years Warranty
2 Years Warranty

The whole machine 2 years warranty,exclude consumables

within 24-hours response
Within 24-Hours Response

After-sale service guaranteed response and solution within 24 hours

Parts Free
Parts Free

Provide free parts for replacement within the machine warranty period.

On-Site Service
On-site Service

If in the service area, our engineers or partners provide on-site installation.

Raycus P Series Pulsed Fiber Laser Souce

This pulsed laser source have nanosecond level pulse width, different from continuous fiber lasers, nanosecond pulsed laser single pulse energy is huge, and the pulse width is narrow, the peak power is extremely high.

So when the laser cleaning machine’s laser beam contact cleaning objects, the surface organic dirt layer absorbs the laser strongly, the temperature of the organic dirt layer quickly rise to the evaporation point vaporization, so as to achieve the purpose of removing the contamination layer without damaging the substrate.

Raycus P series Pulsed fiber laser souce
4th generation 2D scanning laser head

Exclusive 4th Generation Scanning Laser Cleaning Head

MOZLASER laser cleaning machine use exclusive 4th generation scanning laser cleaning head, the laser head has an independent cooling module to quickly cool down and stabilize the laser cleaning process, the laser head supports handheld mode and automatic scanning cleaning dual mode, eight scanning modes, different shapes to cope with different cleaning scenarios.

The laser cleaning head also has an integrated security lock and lighting to ensure the safety of use, and can cope with the dark environment.

Laser Cleaning System with Touching Screen Panel

Advanced multi-threaded multi-port laser cleaning machine control board and panel, customizable language and cleaning graphics, machine users can test their own cleaning parameters and save memories for self-selection and easy access to parameters according to different materials.

For any customization of cleaning graphics and parameters, please contact us for sample and parameters testing.

fiber laser cleaning system and panel

What is the difference between pulsed laser cleaning machine and continuous laser cleaning machine?

Raycus P series Pulsed fiber laser souce 02
1000W continuous laser source 01

The biggest difference between the two kinds laser cleaning machines comes from the working mode of the laser beam, pulsed laser is pulsed out of the laser mode, the peak power is very high, 200W laser can reach 60KW laser peak, pulse width also reached the nanosecond level, can quickly vaporize the surface organic layer, almost no damage to the substrate. Continuous laser for continuous laser mode, will continue to heat the cleaning surface, you can achieve the purpose of cleaning but also damage the substrate.

Pulsed laser source allow better control of heat input and prevent excessive substrate temperatures or micro melting. But continuous laser source have an advantage in price and can bridge the gap in efficiency with pulsed lasers by using high power lasers, but the heat input of high power continuous laser is more huge and can cause more damage to the substrate.

Application scenarios with high precision, requiring strict control of substrate temperature rise and requiring no damage to the substrate, such as molds, engine parts,are recommended to choose pulsed lasers. For some large steel structures, pipes, steel plate etc., due to the large volume of heat dissipation fast, the substrate damage requirements are not high, then you can choose continuous lasers.

Focus on the Customer Use Experience

Scannable Graphics

MOZLASER laser cleaning machine aimed at different customers cleaning scenarios, developed a multi-shape cleaning mode, standard eight cleaning modes, such as line, rectangle, spiral line, circle filling, etc, and also accept special cleaning mode customization, please communicate with us in detail before you place an order.


Different brand of pulsed laser source

As we always say, we have a good relationship with many of laser brands, so except for Raycus Lasers , you can also choose from IPG Photoics ,Max Photonics,JPT Lasers. Each brand has its own advantages in a certain field, such as the stability of the laser, price, after-sales service, etc. Please contact us to clarify your concerns.

Some Application Scenarios for Pulsed Laser Cleaning Machine

Railway Industry

Railroads, high-speed rail, part of the subway rail in the open air environment, through the sun and rain, the surface will produce rust and dirt accumulation, if not cleaned for a long time, seriously affect the rail circuit, affecting the railroad signal transmission, endangering train safety, the traditional method is to use manual grinding rust removal, very low efficiency, labor intensity is too large, and easy to damage the rail, laser cleaning machine is the new century of high-tech applications, cleaning Rail labor cost is low, no special consumables, environmental protection, no pollution, good cleaning quality, and does not damage the rail base material.

Moulds Industry

In industrial production, moulds are widely used, such as plastic moulds, tire moulds, auto blister moulds, and so on. And these mold applications always have a precise pattern, in the high temperature and high pressure production environment is easy to produce oxidation layer, deposition pollution and other problems, the traditional chemical cleaning, dry ice cleaning, the process is cumbersome, serious pollution. Laser cleaning machine cleaning mold efficient non-polluting does not hurt the precision of the mold.

PCB Board Cleaning

With the chip process continues to miniaturize, the manufacturing difficulty of the PCB board is increasing, and the process is becoming more and more complex, maybe a hundred, maybe thousands of processes, after experiencing so many processes, the surface of the integrated circuit board will be more or less particle contamination, metal residues, organic residues, etc.. Traditional cleaning methods can not work, the laser cleaning machine’s non-contact non-thermal effect and non-injury characteristics, very suitable for PCB board cleaning

Cleaning the Car Paint

Industrial sheet metal fabricating and processing, generally will be painted on the metal surface to prevent rust and corrosion and increase the aesthetics, such as the industry, will give your car a beautiful paint, but once part of the paint is peeling or damaged, the paint needs to be repaired, the original old paint needs to be removed and then sprayed with new paint. This old paint removal way is sandpaper sanding time-consuming and dusty, with laser cleaning machine not only Less dust and high efficiency, does not hurt the base material.

Heritage cleaning and restoration

After time, the surface of cultural relics and historical statues and stones will have a blackened oxidation layer that obscures their original splendor and beauty. If they are to be cleaned and washed, we are very careful, out of the principle of protection of cultural relics, they are ancient and fragile. If you use the pulse laser cleaning machine, you do not have to worry about the heritage itself will be damaged, no contact no thermal effect, is indeed one of the best choices for heritage cleaning.

Cleaning Rust on Metal

The traditional methods of metal rust removal are sandblasting, manual grinding and other methods, which have serious dust and air pollution and are very harmful to workers’ health. If laser cleaning equipment is used, the super power pulse laser will quickly remove the surface rust, basically no dust with the extraction fan to extract the dust, compared to the traditional mode will be more environmentally friendly and will not harm the health of workers.

laser cleaning machine banner
Laser Cleaning Machine Sounds Like a New Product,is It Mature and Reliable? is the Cost of Use Very High?

In fact pulsed laser technology has emerged decades ago, is a very mature technology, only the development of cleaning applications products have only emerged in the past few years, the traditional companies like IPG, Trumf Laser laser cleaning machine is very expensive, so there has not been a huge market breakthrough, I believe that the future of laser cleaning will be widely used. After our long time market test, laser cleaning is very stable application, MOZLASER also provides a long time warranty.
The pulsed laser source are sealed design and maintenance free for life. It only needs to connect electricity, no special maintenance is needed for daily use, and the cost of use is much lower compared to chemical cleaning, dry ice cleaning, etc.

Some Laser Cleaning Samples from Our Clients

Laser Power(Pulsed Laser) 50W 100W 100W 200W
Model Number MZ-50MINI MZ-100MINI MZ-100CP MZ-200CP
Laser Pulse Width 100NS 100NS 10-350NS 10-350NS
Laser Wave Length 1064um±5 1064um±5 1064um±5 1064um±5
Laser Fiber Cable Length 3M 3M 3M 3M
Laser Power Adjustable Range 10-100% 10-100% 10-100% 10-100%
Fiber Laser Beam Quality <1.6㎡ <1.6㎡ <1.6㎡ <1.8㎡
Single Pulse Energy 0.8MJ 1.1MJ 1.1MJ 1.5MJ
Pulse Laser Frequency 45KHz 45KHz 20-2oooKHz 20-2oooKHz
Power Supply 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz
Cooling Way Air Cooling Air Cooling Air Cooling Air Cooling
Laser Power(Pulsed Laser) 200W 300W 500W 1000W
Model Number MZ-200PW MZ-300PW MZ-500PW MZ-1000PW
Laser Pulse Width 90-130NS 130-140NS 130-160NS 90-160NS
Laser Wave Length 1064um±5 1064um±5 1064um±5 1064um±5
Laser Fiber Cable Length 5/10M 5/10M 10M 15M
Laser Power Adjustable Range 10-100% 10-100% 10-100% 10-100%
Fiber Laser Beam Quality <10㎡ <10㎡ <62.5㎡ <62.5㎡
Single Pulse Energy 1oMJ 12.5MJ 25MJ 45MJ
Pulse Laser Frequency 10-5oKHz 20-5oKHz 10-5oKHz 10-5oKHz
Power Supply 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz
Cooling Way Water Cooling Water Cooling Water Cooling Water Cooling

If you would like to know the efficiency parameters of the material you wanna clean, please contact us to request them, we have tested and obtained results for some materials

  • “MOZ LASER has many users in Australia. I checked out this machine from a friend of mine in Sydney before placing an order with them. 300W pulsed laser cleaning, great machine, cleans metal rust, plastic, wood, all very well”

    Terence Mukundu
  • “Thanks Mr. Carson, I was confused about the 1000W CW laser cleaner and the 1000W pulsed laser cleaner and how some suppliers in China can offer such low prices for the 1000W machine. He told me what is the difference between CW laser and pulsed laser. Yes, the pulsed laser cleaning is my one.”

    Richard Owen
  • ” MOZ LASER has good service, they not only sold me the 200W pulse laser cleaning machine, but also guided me to install the machine and how to use this new tool” .

    Andrey Putintsev
Can I get installing and training service if buy this laser cleaning machine to you?

Because of covid-19 we are temporarily unable to send engineers from our company to install the equipment, but we have a complete video and online installation assistance service.

What is the delivery time for this laser cleaning machine?

Promise to deliver the machine within 7 days.

What is the package size and weight for delivery?

Please click on the specific model of the product, it will show the exact package size and weight, or you can call or email us directly for shipping information.

What are the consumables of this pulsed laser cleaning machine?

The pulsed fiber laser source is fully sealed for a lifetime of maintenance-free operation.

The only consumable item is the laser protection window.

Protective lens


Can the pulsed laser cleaning machine clean non-metal material?

Yes, this machine can be used not only can clean rust, oxidation, oil layer of metal material, but also for non-metal materials, like plastic, stone, wood, walls, tiles, etc.

What is the power supply of the laser cleaning machines?

All models of our laser cleaner use 220V/50hz power input.

And direct plug and play, no additional wiring required.

How can I be your machine agent in my local market?

Generally speaking, if you want to sell our machines there, I have to evaluate whether you already have any experience with equipment sales, your after-sales team capability, marketing ability, etc.
Please get in touch with us for further negotiation.

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