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Customized 6-Axis Laser Welding Robot Arm
1000W 1500W 2000W Fiber Laser Power Optional, Highly Customizing Service
  • 1000W Robotic Automatic Laser Welding
  • 1500W Robotic Automatic Laser Welding
  • 2000W Robotic Automatic Laser Welding
  • laser welding robot working
  • 1000W Robotic Automatic Laser Welding
  • 1500W Robotic Automatic Laser Welding
  • 2000W Robotic Automatic Laser Welding
  • laser welding robot working

Customized Laser Welding Robot Arm

What is a laser welding robot?

In fact, it is a welding system that combines a laser welding machine and an industrial robot arm to automate welding work.

So the whole laser welding robot system consists of two main parts:

  • Laser welding system
  • Automated robot arm
laser welding system

1000W 1500W or 2000W Fiber Laser Welding System

The whole welding system and handheld laser welding machine is basically the same, but will be through between the motherboard of the welding system and the automatic robot arm motherboard for information interchange, to achieve the robot and laser welding machine synchronized execution, to achieve automated welding.

Name Brand Automate Robot Arm System

Our automated laser welding robot are usually matched with Japanese ABB, Yaskawa or China iworker robots. The automated robots have flexible joints and can move in 6 axes, which can be combined with laser welding and cutting applications to achieve metal materials cutting and welding.

ABB ,Yaskawa automate robot arm
Laser Welding Robot
Model Number Customize Customize Customize
Laser Power 1000W 1500W 2000W
Wave Length 1070NM±5 1070NM±5 1070NM±5
Laser Frequency 50-5000HZ 50-5000HZ 50-5000HZ
Laser Power Range 10-100% 10-100% 10-100%
Welding Thickness(SS) 2. 68mm 3.59mm 4. 57mm
Welding Thickness(CS) 2.06mm 2. 77mm 3. 59mm
Welding Thickness(ALU) 2.0mm 3. 0mm 4.0mm
Power supply 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 380V/50Hz
Cooling Way Water Cooling Water Cooling Water Cooling
Power Consumption 13KW 15KW 16KW

Automate robot arm body ×1

Laser welding machine body ×1

Laser welding bench with clamps ×1

Tools Box×1


(Protective lens ×10)

(Laser Eyewear×1)

Customized product

Please contact us for warrany policy


Video page of laser welding robot

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Customized Laser Welding Robot with 1000W,1500W,2000W Fiber Laser Source Optional 

Laser welding robot are highly customized products that require robotic systems, laser systems, and custom workstations to work together. MOZLASER has a professional team dedicated to providing you with customized laser welding system, please contact us to inform you of the products you need to weld. If you need to customize the entire automated welding system, we also need to get the products you need to weld. Before that we can have an in-depth pre communication and evaluation.
Advantages of automated laser welding:

  • Fast welding speed and worker cost savings
  • Green and pollution-free, protecting workers’ health
  • Automated operation, more standardized weld joints

Below are some of the automated welding projects we have completed

Automate welding projects

What kind of products are suitable for laser welding robot to weld?

The product has large quantities with uniform specifications.

Products with uniform requirements for welding standards

Can I do some sample tests before buying this laser welding robot?

Yes,Please send us some of your sampels for testing.

What is the laser power of this laser welding robot? What type of laser is it?

1000W,1500W,2000W laser power optional,depends on your welding material and thickness

Laser type is fiber laser 

Where is your factory? Can I send a person to get training at your place?

We are located in Guangzhou,Greater Bay China.

Sure,free training service is available. Contact us for more policy.

What is the warranty time and after-sales service ?

For customized equipment,please contact us for the warranty policy.

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