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1500W 4-Axis Automatic Laser Welding Machine
Medium Laser Power,4-Axis Servo Motor Automatic Drive,Double Welding Speed Comparing With Traditionl Welding Way
  • 1500W automatic laser welding machine
  • 1500W automatic laser welding machine
  • 1500W automatic laser welding machine
  • 1000W automatic laser welding machine
  • 1000W automatic laser welding machine
  • 1500W automatic laser welding machine
  • 1500W automatic laser welding machine
  • 1500W automatic laser welding machine
  • 1000W automatic laser welding machine
  • 1000W automatic laser welding machine

MZ-1500A 1500W 4-Axis Automatic Laser Welding Machine

Main features of MZ-1500A 1500W 4-Axis Automatic Laser Welding Machine

  • 1500W power fiber laser source
  • All axis servo motor driving
  • 2-8 times welding speed than traditional welding way
  • More clean,less dust less radiation
Raycus 1000W fiber laser source

Raycus or IPG Photonics 1500W Fiber Laser Source

All MOZLASER automatic laser welding machines use a fiber laser sources because it is a new advanced technology of this century with a photoelectric conversion efficiency of more than 40%, which is amazing when compared to Co2 lasers and YAG lasers.
Fiber lasers have made laser tech a truly clean and efficient technology.

Multi-function Water Cooling System

As you know the fiber laser source’s photoelectric conversion efficiency is about 40%,so there 60% of energy will transfer as heat that release to the cooling system(chiller)。This poses a big challenge to the cooling system of automatic laser welding machines.

Our unique dual temperature control system is easy to handle this cooling task and also provide independent cooling job to the welding head.

water chiller
Laser Weding Gun

Exclusive Galvo Laser Welding Head

MOZLASER automatic laser welding machine uses an exclusive design welding head, that can control the temperature and galvo width accurately. So you can control the welding beam width and focus length accurately,even can do some small cutting works.

For more welding head performance please see the video below this page.



Servo Motor Drived 4-Axis Working Table

Comparing traditional stepping motor,servo motors are known for lower signal transmission delays between motor and drive.So it’s faster than a stepping motor.

As the laser cutting machine, only the high-speed servo motors can meet the laser welding speed set



four axis laser welding table
1500W Automatic Laser Welding Machine Parameter
Model MZ-1500A
WaveLength 1070NM±5
Laser Power 1500W Fiber Laser
Working Area  200×200mm or Customized
Work Way Continuously/Modulated
Speed Range 0~120 MM/S
Working Temperature 15~35°C
Working Humidity <70% Without condensation
Weld Thickness 0-3mm
Ajustable Laser Beam width ≤0.2-3mm
Working Voltage 220V/50hz
Total power 12KW

1500w Automatic Laser Welding Machine Body×1

Customized 4-Axis Welding Table×1

Tools Box×1


(Protective lens ×10)

(Laser Eyewear×1)

Whole machine 2-years warranty

online service gurrantee

free parts

use guide

1500W automatic laser welding machine video

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Moz Laser MZ-1500A 4-axis Automatic Laser Welding Machine

Why do you need an automatic laser welding machine ,not a traditional gas shelded welding machine or TIG welding machine. Because the automatic laser welding machine has below advantages:

  • 2-8 welding speed higher than other welding way,improve your productivity
  • The heat affected area is small,so material transformation is small
  • High automation operation,and no need skilled worker,save your manpower costs

Automatic laser welding machine also can weld all common metal material ,like stainless steel,carbon steel,aluminum,silver,gold,nickel, zinc,and various alloys.

What is the power supply of this 1500W automatic laser welding machine?

220V,50hz electricity supplying

What main components when this automatic laser welding machine be shipped?

There are two packages

Main 4 axis machine body×1

Water chiller ×1

What is the consumable of this automatic laser welding machine?

The only consumable is protective lens

Fiber Laser is  lifetime maintenance-free


How can I install the 1500 automatic lase welding machine ?

If no pandemic traveling limit,my person will install it on site

Moz Laser provide a guide file to support installation

And online service is available all the time when you isntall the machine

I wanna test a sample,how do I proceed to the next step?

Just send a message or email to MOZLASER team

We are gonna arrange sample testing for you. Testing is free,but may you need to handle the shipment.

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