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What is Laser Protective Window?

The Laser Protective Window is a Consumable Used in Laser Welding Guns or Laser Cutting Heads to Protect the Collimating and Focusing Lenses in the Laser Head. When We Use Laser Cutting Machines and Laser Welding Machines to Weld and Cut There is Dust, Metal Slag, and Other Debris Bouncing into the Laser Head During the Welding and Cutting Process. So We Need to Add a Laser Protective Window to Protect the Focusing Lens from Burning.
The Laser Protective Window Substrate is Made of a Quartz Sheet, Coated on Both Sides with a Transmission-enhancing Film. Generally, the Laser Transmittance is More Than 95%, Which Does Not Affect the Laser Power and Performance.

MOZLASER Optics Can Provide High-quality Optical Lenses Such As Laser Protective Windows, Focusing Lens, and Collimating Lens. Except for Our Brand of Laser Welding Machines, Laser Cutting Machines, We Can Also Provide Those Optical Parts for Other Brands of Laser Welding Guns and Laser Cutting Heads. For Example, SUP20S Laser  Welding Gun, Qinlin Laser Welding Gun, Precitec Cutting Head, Raytools Cutting Head, Ospri Cutting Head, WSX Cutting Head, Etc.

laser welding focusing lens
Product Name Diameter(mm)-Thickness(mm) Focusing Length(mm) Coating
Laser Welding Focusing Lens D20-T4.5 60 AR/AR@1030nm-1090nm
D20-T3.0 150
D20-T4.5 150
D20-T5.5 150
D28 100/125/150
D30 100/125/150/155/200
laser cutting collimating lens
Product Name Diameter(mm) Collimating Length(mm) Coating
Laser Cutting Collimating Lens D28 75/100 AR/AR@1030nm-1090nm
D30 75/100
D37 100
laser cutting focusing lens
Product Name Diameter(mm) Focusing Length(mm) Coating
Laser Cutting Focusing Lens D28 125/150 AR/AR@1030nm-1090nm
D30 125/150/200
D37 150/200
D38.1 200
laser protective windows
Product Name Diameter(mm)-Thickness(mm) Coating
Laser Welding Protective Window D18-T2 AR/AR@1030nm-1090nm
Other Sizes Customized
laser protective windows
Product Name Diameter(mm)-Thickness(mm) Coating
Laser Collimating Protective Windows D21.5-T2 AR/AR@1030nm-1090nm
Other Sizes Customized
laser protective windows
Product Name Diameter(mm)-Thickness(mm) Coating
Laser Focusing Protective Windows D27.9-T4.1 AR/AR@1030nm-1090nm
Other Sizes Customized

The Above Laser Focus Lens and Collimation Lens Are the Core Components of the Laser Welding Gun and Laser Cutting Head. And the Laser Protection Window is Consumable, Which is Used to Protect the Focusing Lens and Collimation Lens. We Recommend You Buying Some Protective Windows As Spare Parts.
The Specific Locations of the Collimating Lens, Focusing Lens, and Fiber Laser Protection Windows Are Diagrammed As Below:

laser protective window


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