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1500W Laser Rust Removal Machine
1500w Rated Fiber Laser Power, Excellent Rust Removal Capability with Adjustable Cleaning Width
  • 1000w Rust Cleaning Laser
  • 1000w Rust Cleaning Laser
  • 1000w Rust Cleaning Laser
  • 1000w Rust Cleaning Laser
  • 1000w Rust Cleaning Laser
  • 1000w Rust Cleaning Laser
  • 1000w Rust Cleaning Laser
  • 1000w Rust Cleaning Laser

MZ-1500R 1500W Laser Rust Removal Machine

Main Features of the 1500w Laser Rust Removal Machine

  • 1500W continuous fiber laser source with sufficient energy,laser power adjustable
  • Double cycle industrial chiller, accurate temperature control ±0.5℃
  • Intelligent laser rust removal control system, can precisely control the laser power and scanning width
  • The total weight of the light-weight design of the laser head for rust removal does not over 500g
Raycus 1500W laser source

Name Brand of Fiber Laser Source

The 1500W laser rust removal machine uses Raycus,Reci or IPG brand of continuous fiber laser source,the newest generation laser source that the laser beam can be focused close to the diffraction limit to achieve precision processing; continuous and modulated pulse two working modes can be selected, greatly reducing the processing heat-affected zone; laser small size modular design, reliable performance, fully enclosed design all optoelectronic devices are encapsulated in a solid cabinet, can withstand the harsh industrial application conditions, anti dust and water.

All-in-one Design of Rust Removal Machine Body

When designing the machine, our engineers thought about how to make the machine more compact but must keep the water cooling system, which led to the cooperation with the industrial water chiller company, and finally the industrial water chiller was integrated into the whole laser rust removal machine body. It creats this small size rust removal with high portability and still keep the water cooling system.

1000w Rust Cleaning Laser machine frame
2000W rust cleaning laser head

Lightweight Rust Removal Laser Head

The total weight does not exceed 500g, which is the design target of our company for the laser head of this laser rurst removal machine.  To outperform competitors in the market, another target is a wider cleaning width, which can greatly enhance the cleaning power of this 1500W laser rust removal machine, unlike cleaning other precision components, the core of the descaling machine is still cleaning efficiency,ultimate in efficiency.

1500W Laser Rust Removal Machine
Laser Power(CW LASER) 1500w
Model Number MZ-1500R
Laser Cleaning Width(Adjustable) 20-300MM
Laser Wave Length 1064um±5
Laser Fiber Cable Length 10M
Laser Power Adjustable Range 10-100%
Fiber Laser Beam Quality Continuously/Modulated
Working Temperature 15~35°C
Working Humidity <70% Without condensation
Power Supply 220V/50Hz
Total power 7KW
Cooling Way Water Cooling

1500W Laser Rust Removal Machine ×1

Tools box×1


(Protective Lens ×5)

(Laser Protective Eyewear×1)


Whole machine with 2-year warranty except consumables

Exclusive Customer Service



1500W laser rust removal machine video page

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MZ-1500R 1500W Laser Rust Removal Machine

The main principle of laser rust removal is to use high-energy laser electromagnetic waves to irradiate the surface of the workpiece, the oxidized rust layer can instantly absorb the focused laser energy, so that the rust and oxidation layer on the surface of the workpiece becomes plasma at high temperature, and then instantly evaporate or peel off.

The 1500W laser rust removal machine adopts handheld cleaning mode without touching the metal, and the laser parameters can be freely adjusted and the light width adjustable. The laser sweeps across the rusty metal surface, and the rust disappears instantly, restoring the original appearance of the workpiece. What’s more, it can not only clean the flat workpiece surface and gully gaps can also be cleaned up.

What is the package size and weight of the 1500W laser rust removal machine?

Wooden package dimensions:105×65×110cm weight:160kg

packing details

Do you accept brand customization for these laser removal machine?

We offer custom branding services, but there is a minimum target sales requirement, and of course we will offer reseller prices, but you need to have your own after-sales service team.

How do you provide overseas after-sales service ?

After-sales service is usually provided by our agents or partners

We also have an online after-sales service team.

What is the consumable of this 1500W laser rust removal machine?

Electricity consumptions

Protective windows of the laser head

Pure water of the water chiller(one month to replace)


I don't know anything about laser equipment, how can I choose the equipment I need?

Call us or leave message to us, our professional technical team can support you.

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