400W Laser channel letter welding machine
400W Laser Channel Letter Welding Machine
Laser Channel Welding Machine's Welding Speed is More Than 5 Times the Traditional Process
  • 300W Laser channel letter welding machine
  • 300W Laser channel letter welding machine
  • 1HP Dual Temp Dual Circle Laser Chiller
  • 300W Laser channel letter welding machine
  • 400W channel letter welding machine welded samples
  • 300W Laser channel letter welding machine
  • 300W Laser channel letter welding machine
  • 1HP Dual Temp Dual Circle Laser Chiller
  • 300W Laser channel letter welding machine
  • 400W channel letter welding machine welded samples

400W Laser Channel Letter Welding Machine

Key Configurations of the 400w Laser Channel Letter Welding Machine

  • 400W Nd:YAG use name brand of ceramic cavity and laser crystal
  • 1HP Coolink Pro high cooling capacity water cooling system
  • 360° shadowless LED light without dead space in your field of vision
  • Standard 100*75CM working table, other sizes available
400W YAG laser source

400W Power Nd:YAG Laser Source

MOZLASER laser channel letter welding machine adopts 8 high quality laser capacitors and imported high quality insulated gate bipolar transistors. Double-layer laser power supply structure, fast heat dissipation.

And the YAG laser system use 7*145MM high quality laser crystal. Each with an independent inspection report certificate of conformity! Makes the machine with high gain,Laser broad straight low,beautiful welding joints,stable and high laser power,,etc. characteristics.


Dual Temperature and Dual Water Circulation Industry Chiller

Our laser channel letter welding machine using double circulation double temperature control professional industrial chiller, specific features are as follows:

  • Vertical top air outlet design, easy to install and maintain.
  • Core refrigeration components, control accuracy of ±0.5℃~±1.0℃
  • independent research and development intelligent temperature controller
  • Automatic intelligent temperature control alarm system to protect the machine


Coolink Pro Water chiller

HD 8-inch Monitoring Display

Language adjustable intelligent control board and panel, the machine user can adjust the pulse width, frequency, laser power, spot width parameters to adapt to the different thickness of the material and the soft and hard degree of the material.

And MOZLASER laser channel letter welding machine can save your frequently used welding parameters, which can be retrieved at any time, so that you don’t need to set the parameters from scratch when switching between different materials.

Favored Because of Professionalism

One of our local customers has bought 10 sets of Laser channel letter welding machines from us, his company is the largest local luminous channel letter advertising factory, they are running centralized production and centralized supply distribution model, so they need a lot of laser welding equipment.

We are now negotiating with them for more handheld laser welding machines purchase.

customer using scenarios
400W laser channel letter welding machine  Parameter
Model MZ-400J
Wave Length 1065NM±5
Laser Power Nd:YAG 400W
MAX. Single Pulse Energy 130J
Pulse Width ≤20ms
Welding Depth 0.1-3.5mm
Beam Diameter 0.1-3.0mm(spot size adjustable)
Viewing System CCD Camera&Red Light
Cooling Method 1HP Water Chiller
Weld Beam ≤0.5mm
Power Supply 380V/50Hz
Total Power 11KW
Working Area 100*75CM(Customize)
Machine Size and Weight 140×80×110CM

400w Laser Channel Letter Welding Machine×1

1HP Water Chiller×1

Tools Box×1


(Spare Xenon lamp×1)

(Protective lens ×5)

(Locating rod×5)

2-year warranty for the entire machine except for consumables
Online service assistance always


400W channel letter welding machine

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MOZLASER MZ-400J 400W Laser Channel Letter Welding Machine

MOZLASER YAG metal channel letter welding machine laser power is strong and stable, welding iron solid. It use laser adopts high power 1hp constant temperature laser cooling water tank, the refrigeration system adopts international brand components, with cooling and heating automatic thermostat function, control accuracy ±0.5℃~±1.0℃, China top brand electronic fan as condensing part of the matching, large air volume and low noise long service life.

MOZLASER Strictly guarantee each equipment our technicians are one-to-one strict testing standards for each machine. Our technicians test each machine one-on-one to strict standards. The test contents include laser power waveform test, optical path adjustment, laser power stability test and laser aging test for not less than 72 hours.

I am fresh in this advertising industry,what is metal channel letter?

Metal channel letters means that the manufacturer takes the fonts, logos, and pictures designed by itself, and after cutting, bending, and welding processing, the surface can be sprayed with various colors of paint or baking paint, the internal installation of LED lights. Metal channel letters are durable, waterproof, rust-proof, and are now a kind of luminous characters. It is the type of advertisement and signboard rich in advanced sense.

Samples of channel letters

What is the packing way of this machine and what is the size and weight for shipping ?

There are two plywood cases separetely


Total Gross Weight 320KGS

packing details

How is the welding speed of this laser channel letter welding machine?

According to MOZLASER labs data, laser channel letter welding machine’s speed can be 3-5 time faster than traditional tin welding.This relying on your worker’s skill and experience.


What is your delivery time if I put the order now?

Typically, we have 5-10 units in stock, please give us a PO, we can commission the equipment and complete the shipping package in 3-5 days.

have machine in stock

I wanna be MOZLASER's agent in my local market,what is your policy?

We have series of supporting policy for our agents from all around the world. Please call or send email to MOZ team getting more details.



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