All MOZLASER Laser Welding Machines Combine Three Functions in One: Laser Welding, Simple Laser Cleaning, and Manual Laser Cutting.

What is 3-in-1 Laser Welding Machine?

The 3-in-1 Function Laser  Welding Machine is Now Very Popular in the Market. It is designed to integrate Laser Welding, Easy Laser Cleaning, and Manual Laser Cutting in One Welding Machine with the Aim of Saving Costs for Customers. If You Have to Buy Three Machines at the Same Time, the Cost Will Become Very High. But This 3-in-1 Laser Welding Machine Has Its Limitations, It is Not So Perfect and Can’t Replace Laser Cleaning Machine and Laser Cutting Machine Completely.
The Laser Welding Function is Still the Core Function of This Machine. Actually, it is really a Laser Welding Machine.
Simple Laser Cleaning, Why Do I Say It is Simple Laser Cleaning? Because Its Cleaning Width is Limited, Only 80mm at Most. and the Laser is a Continuous Fiber Laser, Only Suitable for Simple Rust Removal, Etc., Can Not Clean High Precision Objects.
Manual Laser Cutting, This is Only an Additional Function, Completely by Hand to Cut the Shape and Material. It Simply Cannot Replace the More Automated Laser Cutting Machine.

Laser Welding Function

It is a Laser Welding Machine, So Its Core Function is Still the Welding Function. Laser Welding Compares with Other Welding Methods, Such As Electric Welding, Tig Welding, Gas Welding, Etc. Its Advantages Are:
1. Laser Welding is More Safe, Because Laser is Visible Light Will Not Produce Uv Radiation, Will Not Harm the Operator’s Personal Health. You Only Need to Wear Laser Protective Glasses and Use Simple Protective Gloves.
2. Laser Welding is More Automated, It Welding Speed Than the Traditional Welding Method is More Than 2 Times Faster.  And Can Be Combined with Automatic Wire Feeder, in the Field of Welding Thin Material Speed Advantage is Very Large.
3. The Instantaneous Energy of Laser Welding is Very High, Which Can Instantly Melt High Melting Point Materials, Such As Aluminum, Brass and Other Metals Are Also Very Suitable for Using Laser to Weld.

simple laser cleaning

Simple Laser Cleaning Function

After Replacing a Focus Lens for Cleaning and Adjust the Mode to Cleaning Mode in the System. Then the Laser Welding Machine Can Be Transformed into a Simple Function Laser Cleaning Machine. MOZLASER Defines It As a Simple Laser Rust Removal Machine.

However, The Maximum Cleaning Width is Only 80mm, and Because It is a Continuous Fiber Laser Source,so It Cannot Be Used for Cleaning High Precision Items. There is a Risk of Harming the Material Substrate and Also the Possibility of Causing Material Deformation.

Manual Laser Cutting Function

Manual Cutting Function We Just Need to Adjust the Parameters of the System, and Change the Nozzle of the Machine to the Cutting Nozzle (Number-5 Cutting Nozzle), Then You Can Do Manual Cutting.
You Can Use It to Cut Metal Pipes, Angle Iron, T Rack, and Other Metal Profiles. It Can Also Be Used to Manually Cut Carbon Steel Sheets, Stainless Steel Sheets, Etc. It Can Be Used As a Simple Alternative to a Hacksaw.

Manual Laser Cutting

The Core Components Are Used to Switch Between Three Different Functions.

3-in-1 laser cleaning gun
3-in-1 laser welding control system
  1. MOZLASER 3-in-1 Laser Welding Machine Control System V1.60, V1.60 System Includes Control Mainboard, Panel, and Related Cables.  With This System You Can Switch Freely Between Laser Welding, Laser Cleaning, and Manual Laser Cutting Systems.
  2.  MOZLASER Weld-G4 Laser Welding Gun,Our Welding Guns Can Change the Focus Lens in Them to Adapt to Both Welding and Cleaning Modes. It is Also Modular in Design, So You Can Switch Between Welding and Cleaning Functions by Removing the Stainless Steel Tube and Nozzle in Front of the Laser Welding Gun.
3-in-1 laser welding machine
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