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1000W Rust Cleaning Laser Machine
Portable Machine Body Design,suitable for Outdoor and Long-distance Carry Work. Can Be Put into the Trunk of the SUV Car
  • 1000w Rust Cleaning Laser
  • 1000w Rust Cleaning Laser
  • 1000w Rust Cleaning Laser
  • 1000w Rust Cleaning Laser
  • 1000w Rust Cleaning Laser
  • 1000w Rust Cleaning Laser
  • 1000w Rust Cleaning Laser
  • 1000w Rust Cleaning Laser

MZ-1000R 1000W Rust Cleaning Laser Machine

Main Features of the 1000W rust cleaning laser machine

  • 1000W name brand of continuous fiber laser source with 10 meters laser fiber cable
  • Exclusive rust cleaning laser head with galvo motor,cleaning 20-300mm width available
  • Independent dual circle  water cooling system for both laser source and laser head cooling
  • Portable machine frame design,easy to move and carry
Raycus 1000W fiber laser source

The Latest Generation of Fiber Laser Source

1000W rust cleanig laser uses the latest generation of 1000W fiber laser, the biggest feature is the high efficiency of photoelectric conversion, efficiency of up to 45%, can effectively convert electrical energy into high-energy laser electromagnetic wave, electromagnetic wave action on the rust to make the rust into a plasma from the base material.

Integrated Design of Machine Frame and Water Chiller

Machine frame and water tank integrated design, the core design concept is the Convenient machine movement and long-distance work carrying, we work with industrial water chiller manufacturers to design the entire body and water chiller as one, so that the entire machine can be put into the SUV car trunk.

1000w Rust Cleaning Laser machine frame
2000W rust cleaning laser head

Laser Head for Rust Cleaning Laser Machine

Compared to laser cleaning machines, we have designed a smaller and more compact laser cleaning head for 1000W laser rust removal machine, so that you can easily wield the laser head without getting tired when removing rust in large areas. However, it has a separate water-cooled structure, because a continuous laser source of 1000W will have more heat releasing compared to the general power of a pulsed laser.

1000W Rust Cleaning Laser
Laser Power(CW LASER) 1000w
Model Number MZ-1000R
Laser Cleaning Width(Adjustable) 20-300MM
Laser Wave Length 1064um±5
Laser Fiber Cable Length 10M
Laser Power Adjustable Range 10-100%
Fiber Laser Beam Quality Continuously/Modulated
Working Temperature 15~35°C
Working Humidity <70% Without condensation
Power Supply 220V/50Hz
Total power 5KW
Cooling Way Water Cooling

1000W Rust Cleaning Laser ×1

Tools box×1


(Protective Lens ×5)

(Laser Protective Eyewear×1)


Whole laser rust removal machine has 2 years warranty except consumables

Lifetime technical consulting



1000W laser rust removal machine video page

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MZ-1000R 1000W Rust Cleaning Laser Machine

As we all know, when metal products are exposed to the air for a long time, they will react with the oxygen and moisture in the air to oxidize and become rusty. The traditional way can only manually use sandpaper to polish, or use sandblasting to remove rust, or chemical liquid to clean. But generally the dust pollution is very serious.

MOZLASER 1000W rust cleaning laser is a new type of energy-saving and environmentally friendly rust removal cleaning tool, replacing the traditional manual polishing, chemical washing, sandblasting treatment of rust, oil, oxide, plug and play without any special angent or consumables. To use the powerful laser electromagnetic wave to make rust instantaneous stripping with the substrate.

What is the package size and weight of the 1000W rust cleaning laser?

Plywood package dimensions:111×65×110cm weight:152kg

packing details

Can this 1000W rust cleaning laser be delivered by air?

Yes, but please inform us in advance to release the refrigerant from the water chiller


How long is the laser fiber cable from the machine body to laser cleaning head?

Standard length of this fiber cable is 10 meters

What is your nearest seaport and airport for the machine shipment?

The seaport is Huangpu or Shekou

Airport is Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport


What kind of payment way do you accept for this 1000W rust cleaning laser?

We accept credit card through Alibaba,T/T bank transfer,or L/C at sight payment

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