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MOZ LASER Portable 100W Laser Cleaning Machine
Universal Wheel Trolley Case Design,Small Space Occupation,Easy to Move.
  • 100W portable laser cleaning machine
  • 100W portable laser cleaning machine
  • 100W portable laser cleaning machine
  • 100W portable laser cleaning machine
  • 100W portable laser cleaning machine
  • 100W portable laser cleaning machine
  • 100W portable laser cleaning machine
  • 100W portable laser cleaning machine
  • 100W portable laser cleaning machine
  • 100W portable laser cleaning machine

MZ-100CP 100W Laser Cleaning Machine

Main Features of the 100W Laser Cleaning Machine

  • Industrial grade sturdy universal wheel design, like a suitcase can be dragged to everywhere
  • 4th generation 2D scanning laser cleaning head with its own cooling module
  • 100W air-cooling pulsed laser source,super pulse peak laser power
  • 8 cleaning modes laser cleaning system with touching screen
Portable Size design

Portable Trolley-style Machine Appearance Design

MOZLASER portable 100W laser laser cleaning machine has a compact trolley case design, the overall size is smaller than a standard 22-inch trolley case, the bottom universal wheel is also industrial-grade reinforced design is strong and durable, you can use it as your trolley case to take it to the outdoors, to the plane, to wherever you want to work with this laser cleaner.

Top Brand of 100W Pulsed Fiber Laser Source

We generally use IPG Photonics or Raycus Laser, the world’s number one and number two laser source supplier brand. They have the pulsed laser source with air cooling moldule and compact volume design,then it can match our portable machine structure.

Generally speaking, air-cooled pulsed laser source are designed with 3-4 independent air-cooled fan units, which can cool down the laser module quickly when it is working, similar to the structure of a computer CPU.

P100 pulsed laser source
4th generation medium power laser cleaning head

4th Generation of Medium Power Laser Cleaning Head

The 4th generation of medium power laser cleaning head is our special for medium power pulse laser cleaning machine improved design, design to adapt to the power is 100-300W, the built-in dual-motor structure allows the laser head to achieve scanning cleaning shape customization. It supports handheld and automatic cleaning two modes, under the automatic filling mode, if you fixed the laser cleaning head it will automatically scan cleaning.

Portable 100W Laser Cleaning Machine
Laser Power(Pulsed Laser) 100W
Model Number MZ-100CP
Laser Pulse Width 10-350NS
Laser Wave Length 1064um±5
Laser Fiber Cable Length 3M
Laser Power Adjustable Range 10-100%
Fiber Laser Beam Quality 1.6
Single Pulse Energy 1.1MJ
Pulse Laser Frequency 20-2oooKHz
Power Supply AC 220V/50Hz
Cooling Way Air Cooling
Dimension/Weight 40.8*27*57.5CM/52kg

100W Laser Cleaning Machine Body×1


(Protective Lens ×5)

(Laser Protective Eyewear×1)


Warranty Time: 2 years

Lifetime free technical consultation



100W laser cleaning machine video page

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MOZLASER MZ-100CP Portable 100W Laser Cleaning Machine

MOZLASER MZ-100CP handheld nanosecond pulse fiber laser cleaning system. The equipment adopts the luggage trolley case design, taking into account the protection, safety and portability.
The operation process is very simple,

1. start the power supply
2. open the front case door to take the laser head
3. select the appropriate cleaning mode to achieve cleaning

The laser head is small and lightweight, weighing <1000g, and can be widely used in various handheld cleaning scenarios, and also has automatical cleaning mode can be linked to robots and other automatical device.

What is the package size of the portable 100W laser cleaning machine?

Plywood package dimensions: 98x68x64cm weight:60kg

packing details for shipping

Can this 100W laser cleaning machine be delivered by air?

Sure,this machine can be transported by air and does not contain any substances harmful to plane.


What is the cleaning efficiency of this 100W laser cleaner to clean car paint?

We have the test data for different thickness of paint.

Please contact our team to get the report.

How long is the cable from the laser head to the machine body?

The length of the fiber laser cable is 3 meters.


What is the delivery time of this 100W laser cleaning machine?

We promise ship it out within 7 days once get your first payment.

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