Application of Laser Cleaning in Collector Ring Rust Removal

collector ring of gear box in railway train

Gearboxes as bogies for railway vehicles is one of the precision and important components, it is of great practical significance to study the accurate, efficient and automated cleaning technology. However, the key parts of the gear box collector ring is very easy to corrosion, greatly affecting the gear box quality, stability and the service life of the entire transmission system.

Collector ring parts of the cleaning quality of the moving high-speed train safety and stability has a critical impact, in the gear box bearing gland on the outside of the axle, the installation of the collector ring (outer sleeve), the grounding device of the carbon brush in the spring under the action of the pressure and the collector ring to maintain the radial close to the collector ring collector collector ring collects the leakage current in the car, through carbon brushes, conductive plate conductivity to the grounding conductor. The current conduction process from the collector ring, carbon brushes, conductive plate, grounding conductor, . After the whole car grounded. Therefore, for the collector ring surface corrosion cleaning is of great significance, not only can greatly improve the service life, but also to ensure that the operation of the entire moving car safety, and thus find a highly efficient, high-quality cleaning method is crucial.

For the collector ring, the existing cleaning technology is mainly high-pressure water cleaning method, mechanical cleaning method, chemical cleaning method, ultrasonic cleaning method and laser cleaning technology. However, these traditional rust removal methods have their own limitations, such as serious pollution, difficult to ensure the cleaning quality, low degree of automation and other issues.

At present, laser de-rusting as an emerging cleaning technology, the use of laser de-rusting technology to remove surface corrosion of gearboxes has the advantages of high cleaning efficiency, good cleaning quality, green environmental protection and easy to realize the advantages of automation, which has a wide range of application prospects. Using laser de-rusting technology, the collector ring surface rust laser de-rusting process experiments, to achieve the complete removal of the material surface rust, revealing the silver-white metal matrix.

According to the national standard GB8923-88, the original rust degree of the collector ring specimen was judged, and it was found that serious corrosion had occurred on the surface of the steel, so the specimen was judged to have a rust grade of B. The surface corrosion thickness of the collector ring was very large, and the surface corrosion was very high. Due to the great thickness of the surface corrosion, the serious corrosion of the surface of the collector ring produces a lot of pits in the material, which makes the process of removing the surface corrosion extremely difficult, and after laser descaling and cleaning, it can be found that the surface corrosion of the collector ring has been completely removed and the substrate material has not been damaged.

After the optimization process, the surface cleanliness of the collector ring reaches the standard of Sa2, and compared with the original specimen corrosion grade B, it shows good metallic luster, no residual corrosion layer on the surface, no insecure adhesive, and achieves the effect of cleaning.

Collector ring rust removal process, we utilize . Good cleaning process cleaning, not only to obtain a clean and uniform surface of the collector ring, so that the collector ring can work properly in the gear box to ensure the stability of the overall system, and the entire laser rust removal process on the surface of the collector ring does not have an impact on the mechanical properties of the base, which is the traditional mechanical means of cleaning can not be realized. At the same time, after the laser descaling, the conductivity of the surface of the collector ring is restored to the conductivity before rusting, so the laser descaling method has an important application value for the descaling of the surface of the collector ring.

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