What is the Difference between Handheld Laser Cleaner and Automatic Laser Cleaner?

There are some differences between handheld laser cleaners and automatic laser cleaners in terms of operation mode, applicable scenes and functional features:

  1. Operation mode:

– Handheld laser cleaners: usually the laser cleaning gun is handed by the operator for cleaning operations. Generally speaking handheld laser cleaners have  a high degree of flexibility and portability, suitable for small or outdoor non-mobile workpiece cleaning.

– Automatic laser cleaners: usually the workpiece is fixed on the worktable, through automated robots or robotic arms and other control of cleaning operations, suitable for large quantities and uniform specifications of the workpiece cleaning, automation and batch operation can be realized.

  1. Applicable scenes:

– Handheld laser cleaners are more suitable for large workpieces that are difficult to move or need to be cleaned in different locations.

– Automatic laser cleaners are more suitable for automated cleaning processes on production lines and can be integrated into automated systems for repetitive cleaning tasks in mass production.

  1. Functional features :

– Handheld laser cleaners are designed to focus on portability and ease of operation, and are usually lightweight and small in size, making them easy to carry and operate.

– Automatic laser cleaning machine is more focused on cleaning efficiency and automation, may be equipped with more complex mechanical structure and control system to adapt to the needs of automated production lines.

  1. Cleaning efficiency and precision:

– Handheld laser cleaners may not be as efficient as automatic laser cleaners, but they offer greater operational flexibility and adaptability to complex surfaces.

– Automatic laser cleaners have an advantage in cleaning efficiency and consistency, and are suitable for rapid, repetitive cleaning of large quantities of the same workpiece.

  1. Environmental adaptability:

– Handheld laser cleaners, because of their portability, can be adapted to more variable working environment, including outdoor or difficult to move the equipment cleaning.

– Automated laser cleaners are usually installed in specific work environments, and their adaptability to the environment may be limited by their installation location and the design of the automation system.

  1. cost and maintenance:

– Handheld laser cleaners may have a low initial acquisition cost and relatively simple maintenance, making them suitable for small and medium-sized businesses or cost-sensitive applications.

– Automated laser cleaners may require a higher initial investment, but due to their automated nature, may reduce labor costs and increase productivity in the long run.


  1. Laser protection level differences:

-Handheld laser cleaners require a human to hold the laser cleaning gun to clean,  the operator can only wear laser protective glasses, protective gloves, etc. to avoid laser radiation damage.

-Automatic laser cleaners are generally operated by robotic arms and other control of the cleaning gun for assembly line operation. And the general work area can be set up laser shield or fence for blocking laser radiation and reflection. So the automatic laser cleaners have highly laser protective class.

From the video below you can understand more about the difference between handheld laser cleaners and automatic laser cleaners:

automatic laser cleaners


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