Laser Cleaning Applications

Laser Cleaning Has a Wide Range of Applications, from Thick Rust Layers to Microscopic Particles on the Surface of Any Material Can Be Removed. Laser Cleaning in the World Has Nearly 30 Years of Experience in the Use of Laser Cleaning, but the Development of Laser Cleaning Technology in Countries Around the World is Very Uneven, Some Countries Have Achieved Laser Cleaning High-power, Some Countries Are Still in the Laboratory Stage. at Present, the Laser Cleaning Market in Europe and the United States is Stable, the Main Suppliers Include P-laser, Cleanlaser, Adapt Laser Systems, General Lasertronics, IPG and So On.
China is Engaged in the Development of Laser Cleaning Equipment More Companies, but Because the Application is Relatively New, It Will Take Some Time to Wait for the Growth of the Market. Da Clan Laser Intelligent Equipment Group, Huagong Laser, MOZLASER, Etc., Which Also Do Cleaning Equipment, Can Rely on the Original Brand Accumulation to Win Some Orders, But It is More Difficult for the Start-ups. Related Nanosecond Pulsed Laser Cleaning Machines Manufacturers Are Mainly Raycus Laser, Max Laser, Haifu Photon, Zhuxi Laser, Fibo Laser, Zhongke Si Xiang, Guoke Laser, Geometry Photon, Etc. The Highest Output Power Achieved in China is Raycus Laser 2000w Pulsed Laser Source, While Max Laser is Conducting Research and Development of 2000w Laser, Other Countries Well-known Brand IPG Laser Pulsed Laser Has Been Very Mature, But Its Price is Very Expensive.

After MOZLASER’s Data Feedback in the Chinese Market, The Main Applications of Laser Cleaning Include the Following Areas:
1. Metal Mold Cleaning Applications, We Have a Very Large Number of Related Companies in the Local Market in China Have Purchased Our Laser Cleaning Machine for Various Mold Cleaning, Such As Rubber Tire Molds, Plastic Industry Injection Molds and So On.
2. Circuit Board Pcb Industry Cleaning Applications, Electronic Circuit Cleaning Using 248 Nm, 3 W, 20 Ns Laser, Has Been Industrialized; Using 248 Nm, 5 W Nanosecond Ultraviolet Light Cleaning Chip, to Achieve Non-superb Results.
3. Paint Cleaning Applications, For Different Thicknesses of Paint Cleaning You Can Choose MOZLASER Laser Cleaning Machine of Different Power. We Also Developed Mixed Laser Cleaning Machines to Handle Layered Paint and Ultra-thick Paint Cleaning Operations.
4. New Energy Battery-related Cleaning Applications, The Battery Industry in the Past Two Years in the New Energy Vehicles Driven by the Rapid Development. Laser Can Be Applied to the Battery Tabs, Battery Lamination and Other Related Cleaning Operations.
5. Laser Cleaning in the Application of Metal Surface Rust Removal, Laser Rust Removal Applications Are the Widest Market. and You Can Choose a Non-damaging Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine, but Also a More Competitive Price Continuous Laser Cleaning Machine.

Other Fields Include Heritage Cleaning, Train Track Cleaning, Ship Renovation and Maintenance, Etc.

laser cleaning application

Laser Cleaning Application Market Has a Broad Prospect Of Future!
According to Market Research Reports, the Global Laser Cleaning Market Will Be Worth US$ 589 Million in 2018, and This Value is Expected to Reach US$ 724 Million by 2023, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (cagr) of 4.22% Between 2018 and 2023. It is Understood That Since 2018, Various Laser Cleaning Equipment Companies Have Achieved Good Growth, Conservatively Estimated That Sales in the First Half of the Year Than Last Year Increased by More Than 60%. on the One Hand, Because of the Current Increase in the Number of Companies Engaged in Laser Cleaning Equipment, a Variety of Machines Have Emerged, Driving Down Prices; On the Other Hand, Some Potential Users Began to Purchase Laser Cleaning Equipment This Year After Watching and Understanding. Overall, the Market is on the Rise, with a Bright Future. 

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