Portable Laser Cleaner – You Can Take It Anywhere

What is a portable laser cleaner? What is the purpose and concept behind the design of a portable laser cleaner?


The portable laser cleaner are specifically designed to be practical cleaning equipment for customer-users with outdoor cleaning needs. With a high-capacity removable battery, you can carry it outdoors for rust removal, wall graffiti cleaning, and more. Usually portable laser cleaner have the following design features and concepts:


  1. Portability and Compactness: considering that portable laser cleaner need to be moved between locations, the design should focus on the portability and compactness of the equipment. This may mean that the equipment should be lightweight, small in size and designed with handles or wheels for easy carrying. This allows the user to easily take the equipment to different job sites, especially for cleaning operations outdoors or in hard-to-reach areas, such as high walls, dams, utility poles, viaducts, and other overhead work.


  1. Safety: Safety is an important consideration in the design of portable laser cleaner. The equipment should be equipped with the necessary safety features, such as emergency stop button, laser protection measures, as well as construction design in line with international safety standards to ensure the safety of the operator and the surrounding environment.


  1. Environmental adaptability: portable laser cleaner should be able to adapt to a variety of outdoor environments and different weather conditions. The design needs to consider waterproof, dustproof and temperature resistance, to ensure that the equipment in a variety of environments can operate stably.


  1. Energy saving: Portable laser cleaner should adopt efficient energy management system to reduce energy consumption and operating costs. We use high-efficiency laser generator brands such as IPG, Raycus and other well-known laser brands photoelectric conversion efficiency of 45% or more, with MOZLASER energy-saving power management system and optimized laser cleaning parameter settings.



What are the structural designs of portable laser cleaner available in the market?
  1. Backpack Laser Cleaner

The backpack design allows the user to carry the cleaner in a customized backpack for use outdoors or in remote locations.

This design typically includes a tiny laser source and laser cleaning gun as well as laser cleaning control systems.

Backpack laser cleaning is suitable for cleaning items that cannot be moved indoors such as building exteriors, bridge de-rusting, outdoor sculptures and monuments.

portable laser cleaner

  1. Trolley Case Laser cleaner

Trolley laser cleaner are usually designed with a trolley case with a sturdy trolley bar that allows the user to drag or pull the laser cleaning equipment as easily as a regular suitcase.

In addition, the unit is usually fitted with universal wheels on the bottom to allow it to be moved around on a flat surface.

The wheels should have good load bearing capacity and smooth rolling performance to suit different ground conditions.

trolley case laser cleaner

Portable laser cleaner generally have some typical outdoor application scenarios as follows:


Building wall,fence and roof cleaning

Portable laser cleaner can be used to clean the exterior walls and roofs of buildings, removing dirt and weathering layers that have accumulated due to long-term exposure to the outside environment.

Compared to traditional cleaning methods, laser cleaning is more environmentally friendly and does not use harmful chemicals, reducing the pollution to the environment. Avoiding the use of chemical cleaning agents also effectively circumvents mandatory local government environmental requirements and regulations.

Traffic Facility Cleaning

Clear visibility of traffic signs, road markings and other traffic facilities is essential for road safety. Laser cleaner can remove dirt and graffiti from these facilities and restore them to their original function.Laser cleaning is fast and can be performed without disrupting traffic flow.

Solar Panel Cleaning

The cleanliness of solar panels is important to maintain their efficiency in generating electricity. Laser cleaning removes dust, dirt, and other deposits from solar panels, improving power generation efficiency.  Laser cleaning is especially effective for large arrays of solar panels and can be done quickly.

Outdoor Sculpture and Artwork Cleaning

Outdoor sculptures and works of art are often subjected to the elements, and laser cleaning can accurately remove contaminants from surfaces while preserving the original condition of the artwork.

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