what is the laser welding machine’s advantage compared with traditional electrowelding?

As we know, laser welding is another application of fiber laser technology. Compared with traditional electro welding, Laser welding has many advantages:

  • Laser welding has a high energy density. The high-power laser beam is focused, and the focal spot diameter is very small, so the power density is very high, up to 105~108W/cm2, which is several orders of magnitude higher than that of AC arc welding (5×102~104W/cm2), and it can weld high hardness, high brittleness, high melting point, and high strength Materials. It can be used to weld titanium, nickel, zinc, copper, aluminum, chromium, niobium, gold, silver, and other alloy metals.
  • We all know that there are huge poison smokes, dust, infrared light, visible light, and ultraviolet light coming from arc welding to hurt your welder’s skin, and eyes. The laser beam is a kind of visible light, when you use the laser welder, less UV light, infrared light, and poison smoke happen. It’s good for your the operator’s healthy.
  • Laser welding has a double welding speed of electro welding. Electro welding is highly skilled work, generally, the welders have years and years of experience. But the laser welder is different,it is like a normal tool, a fresh guy who practices for several hours can start the welding work.
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