How to Assemble and Start to Use a Jewelry Laser Welder?

When you receive the wooden package of MOZLASER‘s jewelry laser welder , please install and start use it according to the following steps:


1. Connect the main power cord (power support 220V±5% 50/60Hz)
2. Open jewelry laser welder’s main switch
3. Connect the water pump input pure water bucket let the pump suck full of water
4. Pull out the water pipe and block the water inlet and outlet.
5. Connect the signal line of the foot switch .
6.  Start to weld jewelry or other metal parts through the observation system.


Cooling water must be pure water or industrial deionized water.
Always use laser glasses for eye protection.
If the jewelry laser welder is not used for more than one week, please drain the water from the pump.

More details please follow below video link :

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