How to Remove Coating from Copper Wire?

Nowadays the Best Copper Wire Enamel Coating Removal Solution is Laser Cleaning Machines.

What is Enameled Wire? What Are the Applications of the Enameled Wire?

Enameled Wire, is a Winding Wire Made of Oxygen-free Copper Rod or Electrical Aluminum Rod That is Drawn, Extruded, or Rolled Through a Certain Specification of Die, and then Coated with Insulating Paint Several Times. Some Body Call it Magnet Wire. Enameled Wire Has Four Major Characteristics: Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical, and Thermal Properties, and is Widely Used As an Important Electronic Material in Motors, Transformers, Relays, Electric Vehicles, Household Appliances, Micro Special Motors and Other Related Parts.

We Take the New Energy Automobile Industry As an example, in the Car’s Generator, Wiper, Open Window, Reverse Mirror, Automatic Driving, Collision Avoidance, Navigation and at Least 20 Kinds of Functions Need Motor to Achieve, and the Enameled Wire Winding Plays an Irreplaceable Role in It. for example, the Drive Motor As the Heart of the New Energy Vehicle, Which Has a Lot of Hairpin Windings, and These Windings of the Electromagnetic Wire and Insulation Materials if They Can Not Withstand the Motor Operation of High Voltage, High Temperature, High Voltage Change Rate, It is Easy to Be Breakdown, Reducing the Life of the Motor. The Enameled Wire Weld Often Becomes the Weak Link, So We Need to Clean the Coating of the Enameled Wire Weld, and It Must Be a High Standard of Cleaning.

Copper Wire Enamel Removal

Specifically, This Process Requires That Some of the Coating on the Hairpin Winding Be Effectively Removed Prior to Soldering and That a Very Good Surface Quality Be Developed, Allowing the Blank Copper Wire to Be Prepared for the Soldering of the Motor Stator Winding. This Requires Removing the Coating from Around the Winding Without Affecting the Wire. A High Degree of Repeatability at Different Coating Thicknesses is Required, As Well As a Short and Cost Effective Removal Cycle. The Ideal De-painting Result Requires That the Insulation is Removed Completely Clean and That There is No Reduction in the Amount of Substrate Required After Removal and That the Roughness is As Small As Possible. Traditional Copper Wire Enamel Removal  Methods Such As Coating Stripper, Alkaline Coating Removal, Flame Coating Removal, Mechanical Coating Removal Method, Etc., There Are Unclean Coating Removal, and the State of Coating Removal is Not Stable, Affecting the Electrical Performance of the Motor Stator.

Laser Copper Wire Enamel Removal Has Advantages That Traditional Physical Paint Removal Technology Cannot Match. Laser Paint Removal is the Use of Laser Irradiation to Make the Surface of the Paint Layer to Absorb Energy Lattice Vibration and Thus Sublimation to Strip, No Supplies Only Electricity, and Environmental Protection, Convenient and Fast. So Laser Cleaning Machine How to Remove Copper Wire Enamel or Magnet Wire Enamel ?The Following Picture is the MOZLASER Low Power Air-cooled 200W Pulsed Laser Cleaning Machine on the Enameled Wire Winding Cleaning Test Results, the Material for the New Energy Industry Drive Motor Flat Copper Wire Winding, Cleaning Test Area in 25mm * 6mm Cleaning Time 0.76s.  Cleaning Results Show That the Enameled Wire Lacquer Layer and Carbide is Thoroughly Clean, No Damage to the Surface of the Substrate Without Thinning, the Surface is Cleaner and Brighter, No Residue.

magnet wire coating cleaning

MOZLASER Low Power Air-cooled Laser Cleaning Machine on the Work Environment Tolerance Can Meet Such As High Temperature, Humidity, Soot, and Other Types of Harsh Environment Cleaning Scenarios. the Equipment Can Also Realize the Linkage with Robots and Other Equipment by Quickly Switching Scenes to Meet the Cleaning Needs of the Workshop or Fixed. It is Suitable for Red Rust Removal, Oil Cleaning, Enamel Wire Stripping, and Other Small Parts Cleaning Work.
MOZLASER Nanosecond Pulsed Laser Cleaning Machine Advantages.
-Fast Copper Wire Enamel Removal Speed, Stable Light Source Output, Small Focusing Spot, Long Service Life.
-Small Heat-affected Area, Fine Cleaning, High Neatness.
-Green Environmental Protection, No Consumables, Stable Performance, Low Power Consumption.
-Laser Remove Magnet Wire Enamel Layer Surface Clean Without Carbon Black, No Injury to the Substrate, Edge Flattening Without Serrated Burrs.
-Independent Research and Development of Cleaning System, the System is Simple and Easy to Operate to Ensure Efficient Processing Speed and Production Efficiency.



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